Saturday, 31 December 2011

DIY home fountain,

When no one's home, I make it a point to spread my notes around the coffee table next to the fountain because it's the water sounds are just so soothing! Plus, it's highly therapeutic having it in the background. This is mumsie's DIY project though, she has been into plants and semi-precious stones lately. She calls it a makeshift fountain but I think it's not really a makeshift because it's very well done :)

Here's how it looks like with the rubber tubing visible, you can play around water plants and twine it around the tube so it becomes unseen. All you need is a rubber tubing, water motor, pebbles collected from various places or you could go to your local aquarium store (get creative) and a large dish and viola, you get your own DIY fountain!

Happy New Year's eve everyone ♥ 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Hitting the beach,

Satisfying our beach bumming desires after the much dreaded exams @ Tanjong Beach Club with the pretty Aish and Sarah ♥ 'Twas good talking to them again....because they never judge hahaha. Had a lot of fun downing Red sangria and sinful baskets of fried food goodness, and of course catching up a whole semester's worth of news and fooling around in the pool!

Shoutout to Aish: Sarah and I are gonna claim our Spa Botanica date!!!

120 Tanjong Beach Walk
Sentosa, Singapore 098942

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Faith makes a fine pillow,

I'm comfortable with routine, who doesn't. Every morning, I take the same route to the nearby bus stop, stepping unto familiar footing each time. If it rains, one of the loose tiles sinks me into a puddle of murky mud water. But somehow or another, even though you know that bad tile has failed you not once or twice but countlessly, there's always this strange tendency to keep stepping on it to trace back familiar footing. I didn't take that leap of faith so maybe I should, and stop plunging into these muddy waters. After all, certain moments call for that embrace of risk when the time is right. This semester has indeed taught me a lot, spiritually and emotionally.

Monday, 19 December 2011

Universal studios,

This post is greatly overdue - Woke up one sunny morning to head down to USS (finally after it opened for so long) with my girls Shiany and Karen ♥  Thanks to Shiany who got us a free ticket so we divided the cost for 2 extra tickets among the 3 of us! The glorious weather didn't hold up though, and it was pouring just a couple of hours after we set foot into the park. Our spirit wasn't dampened though and we headed for the indoor rides first before the thrill-seeking outdoors....I'll let the pictures do the talking. (Picture spam ahead)

Mandatory shot with the Universal studios globe

Us looking awkward on the merry go round hahaha

We didn't have a tripod so we kept searching for USS dustbin tops to place the camera on self-timer haha which wasn't the best idea since passer-bys were obviously oblivious to them! (Picture evidence below)

Pit stop for lunch @ Louis', we couldn't down a whole big pizza so we settled for the lagsana (really good!) and Pepperoni/Tandoori chicken pizza slices.

It was definitely a refreshing change from the previous theme parks in Singapore! Plus, the happy mood in these parks are infectious. Sandra joined us for dinner thereafter (after studying birds or whatnots for a project) at Vivo. Bussed down to Karen's for dessert and playing with our helium-induced voices from the balloons hahaha hilarious much. 

Till next time when Karen comes back ♥ 

Universal Studios Singapore
8 Sentosa Gateway
Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269
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