Saturday, 29 December 2012

Snippets of life III,

4 days till I leave for London, and it's been a pretty blessed time catching up with friends and meeting up with everyone before I leave ♥ And of course, soaking up the essence of Singapore (especially the good food!) This Christmas season has also been yet another time to spend with my loved ones, and for that I'm truly thankful. And of course, for His miracles throughout the season, reminding me that He is in control of everything - something we often forget in the hustle of our lives. And of course, a shoutout to my special someone who has been constantly there for me throughout :)

 Flying off for 6 months can indeed be very apprehensive, but I'm really very excited for the great adventures ahead...say hello to Europe in my backyard! I've been hearing so much about my friends' epic exchange stories - hello Alvin's naked man skydiving and mugging ninja incident stories, and it's finally my turn to embark on them ^^

Alvin back from exchange with lovely maple cookies!

Seeing Delvin off at the airport

Finally played squash after being dormant in the sport for at least 4 years, how refreshing! And negated all the exercise with Singaporean food feasts @ Old airport road which Jeanie has been raving about. (Do try the Whitney road prawn noodles, it's worth the wait and really good)

Been meaning to try the main courses @ Marmalade pantry, and went down on a fine Sunday afternoon with Xiner before our shopping trip! The pancakes and sticky date pudding were awesome, but the eggs benedict felt like they were missing something. And of course, singing Christmas carols at R's homely family gathering.

Met up with the classies towards the end of our school term to Celebrate David's birthday, NYDC desserts never go wrong!

Gorgeous french lavender straight from London, love it when the breeze comes by my window and my room smells so sweet ♥ 


Also, I'm slowly learning how to master the art of baking swiss rolls! It's really tricky, especially since the cream melts very easily and if the batter is too cold, it doesn't roll as neatly. Made them for 2 Christmas gatherings, Will share recipe soon, made a lot of healthy adjustments to call it my own :)

And I couldn't fly off without meeting up with my dearest Carren, love how we always end up laughing till we almost cry hahaha so much nostalgia really ♥ 

Christmas feast with the classies! And the hugest pizza I have ever seen from Pepperoni's hahaha

Met up with dearest Karen who flew back to Chicago before my term started, love how we had Mu parlour to ourselves and as usual, almost cried whilst recollecting good ole times hahahaha miss you ♥ 

View from Rochester park avenue - Star vista! And lunch with my fellow tutors from the social enterprise I work for :)

So touched by what my students wrote for me on my last day :')

Sonia, my soci paper buddy! Thanks for being such a great partner, and us rushing online at 2am in the morning frantically referencing our paper and meeting the next day in starbucks for intense editing :) We deserve our A! ♥ Hope you enjoyed your stay in Singapore, if I do go up to the States I'll definitely contact you!

A shoutout to my French homies for making French class so terribly entertaining with the Frenglish, and the singing during our LAF1201 oral -  we are so amazing. Beer and saucisson next year at the French alps!

The face of whom who woke me up at 3am in the dead of the night because she was afraid of the thunderstorm, such a qtpie. She will be dearly missed when I'm overseas, especially bombarding her with many hugs and kisses hahaha.

Beer, live music and great company can never go wrong. And especially when we broadcasted silly messages on Timbre's TV dedication channel, happy birthday to the arabian name aka us!

And not forgetting a meetup with one of my favourite colleagues during my summer stint, partner-in-crime for underground office chats! Love the hair dude, many Anthony live forever.

New Year wishes @ Orchard road!

Played taboo with the classies, and you know it's awkward when your self-volunteered to download Taboo iPhone app stops the game because it ran out of trial cards.

East coast cycling, the azure blue sea and fine skies captured just half an hour before it started pouring and we sought shelter at Burger King with fries, what a classic no-no to negate all the exercise.

Nav's 21st @ Avalon at Marina bay sands after a short trip down to Gardens by the bay, amazing night for him and the others with the Santarina,....and let's leave it as that hahaha.

Merry Christmas everyone ♥ Hope everyone had a blessed Christmas this 
season with your family, friends and loved ones!

Sunday, 23 December 2012


I proudly present to you 6/8 of the gang - we've gone to His.tori korean barbeque 3 times even though it's clearly next to the popular 2D1N because we're just not mainstream like that (but most of the time it's because the latter is packed and no one likes hunger games). The night always ends the same - we eat our hearts out, take a mandatory picture outside the shop and smell like smoke for the next 24 hours. This time round it's the last time we're gonna be there for the next 6 months because 3 of us are going for our respective exchanges, I will definitely miss them all :( Thanks to yiangmeng (all camera credits to him) I have such wonderful snapshots to hang out to remind me of Home ♥

Till 6 months later ♥
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