Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Idyllic existence,

It's 2am in the morning and I'm here seated in the awkward stillness of the night because I can't get to sleep, despite all efforts to tame this restlessness. Nesting under the sheets was a bad idea because like a train seat, it eventually became too warm for comfort. It's surreal to be awake at such a moment when the world's asleep, you feel tiny but so alive. I'm perched at the verge of my window beam, waiting for the perfect sleepy moment to fall back into bed. The street lights are somewhat flickering (or just my night vision playing tricks on me, more like it) with an occasional stray cat darting across the empty road below or a car driving in to the break the serenity. Such is the symphony in my head....the stillness of the night is truly amazing. One more attempt to sleep, wouldn't want to be caught in a zombified stupor during Sociology class tomorrow afternoon.

Monday, 30 January 2012

We'll burn brighter than the sun,

Quite a long way back @ Timbre Arts house, just chilling with good music, skinny pizzas and awesome company! (Please pardon picture quality for this post) And of course what's without some fun.....so we lead Luke our star singer up on Timbre stage to sing Home - Michael Buble which sounded really amazing even though he wasn't mentally prepared. Wish I had recorded it! You can check out his Youtube channel here, lovin' the jazzy slant of his voice so go subscribe ♥  

Celebrated the rest of the overdue birthdays of the month @ Mind cafe which turned out really funny (Talk about telepathy during Taboo haha)
 "The Japanese love it." "Curry."
"Girls buy this all the time" "Heels."

Meeting them again next week, can't wait to catch up like good ole times, 5 years and counting :}

Saturday, 14 January 2012

DIY organizer,

Breathe out the past. Brand new slate for the New Year (even though it has already been two weeks in), time for rejuvenation I reckon. And so, I dedicated small pockets of the last moments of 2011 to create my DIY makeshift organizer. All you need are a pair of steady hands, fine tip pens and some scrap paper to build one from scratch. The magic of Art is really all about transforming with what you have to work with right? (Work still in progress as evident in the pictures)

I believe 2012's going to a beautiful year, with the advent of so many prospects -  Close friends' 21st, heartwarming weddings and hopefully making it to United Kingdom in 2013. So many special dates to fill up in the calendar ♥ 

Arabic print paper from Holland Village (old shopping mall): $3 per roll
Brown scrap paper: Taken from a photo album Christmas gift
Memories forged in the upcoming year: Priceless

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Marina bay sands,

16th December 2011

Made my way to Marina Bay Sands the night after touching down from Taiwan for well-spent time with some of my favourite university friends for company ♥ All thanks to Delvin's treat heehee. I've never had the chance to stay at this glamourous hotel so it was a good opportunity to soak in the essence of what everyone has been raving about - the infinity pool and the skypark! Whilst the 2 other guys went to get drinks for later that night, the rest of us headed to the pool before it closes. But us being us, they managed to come back just in time for us to make our first dip.

All photograph credits to Yiting's camera :)


Lo and behold..... the gorgeous skyline which was literally breathtaking (because of the cold breeze at the top of MBS) Tried swimming around to stay warm but didn't really help hahaha but bumming around the pool was a lot of fun.

After many attempts of pillow snatches and episodes of big bang theory later, I couldn't really fall asleep and we managed to get everyone up to the skypark for a short walk. Talked for a bit, took pictures and caught the sunrise (on a second note, I'm not sure if we did) with our feet soaked in a warm jacuzzi and wrapped in bath towels haha bliss on a whole new level.

So glad for every single one of them to spice up my University life ♥ I'm definitely going to miss Yiting and Mingyi leaving for exchange this semester, it won't be the same without you girls :'( Can't wait for you two to come back and we can hang out like good ole times!

Marina Bay Sands
10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Taiwan captured on film (Part I),

Selected some film pictures out of the four rolls developed to share, quite pleased because they turn out sharper than my Melbourne film pictures here.  I'm also sharing the locations of where they were taken (recalling by memory). I've tons of digital family shots too, but I'll post them after these analogue moments ♥

Travelled from the outskirts of Taiwan to the inner cities, which is quite a mean feat for 8 days in the country. We had to switch hotels every day so had to make sure we didn't unpack too much! The weather was crisp and especially icy along the coastal areas (missing the breeze nonetheless), but I'm missing the good street snacks and friendly people there. The countryside was was blissfully therapeutic, with the breathtaking scenery @ Taroko gorge and quaint laidback culture of the small towns painting the perfect picture of a retiree's dream - which is quite hard to achieve with the hustle and bustle of Singapore city. I'll let the pictures speak to you.

"The Light of the Buddha" mountain 佛光山 (Kaohsiung) 

Fisherman's wharf and Lover's bridge (Tamshui)

National revolutionary Martyr's shrine, 忠烈祠 (Taipei)

Five cent driftwood restaurant (Yingge)

Taroko gorge national park (East coast of Taiwan)           


Taipei city

Film: Kodak max GC (ISO 400)
Camera: Canon SLR EOS 650 (2nd hand)
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