Thursday, 31 May 2012

(Pan)demonium in your room,

Met up with the gang @ Cityhall on 21st May for Skinny pizza and to celebrate TH's 23rd birthday! Love the Squid ink thin crust pizza and truffle fries there, unfortunately the latter was unavailable on that day so we ordered more pizzas to satisfy our after-work hunger (Thriving in airconditioning all day long can really work up an appetite) The birthday boy was late, so we ordered and took pictures before him....all picture credits to Xiner :)


It was a pleasant dinner, after which XE, H and I cooked up excuses to leave early (funny how he didn't look too upset) - that's when the fun started! The rest helped to stall time while we darted across the Raffles city basement to choose a cake and made our way down to TH's house to hide in his room, whilst liaising with his brother who was really hospitable. Everything went on as planned, and since they made a detour for drinks from a nearby supermarket, we amused ourselves in his room. Hasan wanted to do a grossly seductive shot with the bed frame, which was obviously not captured digitally because we were all in stitches and tears from laughing too hard (laughing abs hooray hahaha) and the best part was that they tried forcing me to it but...we couldn't bring ourselves to for many reasons.

Soon after, we got the cake ready, lit the candles, got the camera ready, waited......and waited, and waited and waited in the dark. The candles were burning down fast, and every time we held our breaths thinking that he was going to turn the doorknob - he continued talking to his family. But lo and behold, he finally came in! Unfortunately, D and YM got delayed by the bus and couldn't reach in time, but it was still a good surprise ^^

Happy blessed 23rd birthday! :)
Skinny Pizza
252 North Bridge Road 
#B1-63/64 Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore
Call for reservations: +65 6333 5069 

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Melbourne'11 part I,

Good Sunday to all, I'm finally getting down to archiving my six day Melbourne family trip in Winter June 2011 and posting them in (hopefully) bite-sized parts teehee. Touched down on the first day all groggy, but had to wait for the room which could only be ready at 2pm so we decided to take a stroll down to the famous Queen Victoria market for lunch (which we returned back on our last day to get more goodies). We stayed at Ibis hotel on Little Burke street, which was pretty cosy and public transport was readily available in the vicinity ♥ I took some film pictures (the first time playing around with my SLR) here in a previous post.

What I absolutely adore when I head overseas is that you can actually see the sky horizons, painting such a picturesque landscape 360 degrees round which is such a delight to both the eyes and the soul. It's such a refreshing change from the cluttered high-rise buildings and skyscrapers in Singapore (even though I can't deny that the night skyline in the Central Business District is tremendously gorgeous)

Leaving our luggage behind with the Concierge, we cut through the Central park area which turned out pretty cold despite the merciless sun. Ironically, I think I got a sunburn on the way there, and a cold on the way back. The temperatures aren't so bad in the day, unless of course a cold draft comes along because the wind is very icy.

Greeted by glorious fruit, handicraft and busking street opera singers (What a dream) belting out classics like Phantom of the Opera pieces was reinvigorating, especially since we were tired out from the flight there. With the large variety of delicacies and handicraft, Queen Victoria market reminded me of London's Borough market, except that the latter has more upmarket gourmet cuisine. If you want to know, the Market stalls are open everyday, other than Mondays and Wednesdays :) (During the summer months, a night market filled with live entertainment, bars and dining and such can be found on Wednesday evenings) We made a lunch pit stop for cheesy tortellini and smoked chicken sandwiches. Of all choices, my sister had to settle for prata...Asian cuisine is slightly more expensive there so I suggest you settle for local food if you ever visit.

Made a mistake to wear my sandals out because my toes were freezing by the time we got back to the hotel! Not many pictures taken on the first day since we were all exhausted from traveling, we slept very soundly until 10pm in which we aptly woke up for an instant noodles supper and went back to slumber. What's noteworthy was that we were abruptly woken up by the sharp shrill of the hotel fire alarm (Holy macaroni, it was a real emergency) Imagine being in a state of panic whilst being half conscious, and whisked away into the bitter cold in your pyjamas - our Aussie hotel neighbours were very considerate and kindly offered to check things out at the reception. Even calling the emergency hotline warranted no response, gosh! So we scuttled out across the hallway to my parents, escaped through the stairs emergency route half-dressed and were greeted by firefighters outside the hotel. They never really told us what happened, but assured us that the situation is under control (I think it was a leak somewhere) and we headed back up to our cosy slumber.

Till the next post with more pictures of us haha, ciao!

Melbourne Part IV
Melbourne Part V

Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Gentlemen's Press,

21st April, Sand and I attended OBI QUEK: An Exhibition on Scholastic fallacies - The Gentlemen's Press opening social ceremony in support of Shiany's artistic venture ♥ Loved the laidback old school yet quirky charm of her cosy store tucked at the inner corners of Neil Road, which we spent some time navigating from the train station. It was a humble occasion, with a piƱata, nostalgic sweet treats (think jewel biscuits and sugar biscuits) and in the shianyartsykindaway.

Settled on a couch and started playing around with these blow which we failed quite miserably in.

4 pictures below taken by Sand's iPhone, we were playing around with the dusty Granny spectacles! But they had real lenses on so we couldn't open our eyes hahaha we look really silly.

The Bacardi breezer Sand managed to spill over the exhibition table:

We left halfway on a mission to get beer for her guests coming in, and ended up getting cup noodles (just like good ole Crescent times) and Bacardi freezers to share - in which we stole Shiany (and her Baileys) for some time and ate at the back alley steps of the store in full view and scrutiny of a bar restaurant opposite. catched up for a while, bummed around and left around 9 plus. Congrats to Shiany, we're extremely, extremely proud of you, we love you!!! Like what Karen said you're our superwoman entrepreneur ♥ We'll crash your store again soon hehe.

To everyone else, like them on Facebook here - They have a small store @ Neil road selling vintage/old school items and they deal with letterpress designs, so check them out!

The Gentlemen's Press
64 Neil Road, Singapore, Singapore 088834
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