Thursday, 24 January 2013

The dream begins,

Greetings from London...while I do my nails! It's currently subzero temperatures but I'm toasty indoors in bed with hot tea ♥  I've been settling in well, and enjoying most of the classes in school - especially the guest lecturers invited for their specialized field of study. Their passion is infectious and definitely reminds me of the beauty of Psychology and why I chose to major in the first place, so I'm thankful for this intellectual exploration. It has been nothing but a blessing these few weeks (except a few hiccups, like my apartment heater being as dead as a doornail no matter how many times we tried to ignite it) and meeting my fellow affiliate coursemates and housemates who turned out to be so incredibly nice and whom I've grown to love! And of course, having R around to help me out so much. Still finding my way around the city, it's hard not to wander aimlessly along the streets of London albeit the cold. The snow has started to accumulate on the sidewalks, and it's such a gorgeous white sight to behold from my room window. Truly the words spoken from a summer girl like myself! London has been beautiful by far, and I hope to be further charmed by her for my stay in the next 5 months ♥ Ciao!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

London calling,

Happy 2013 to all! The past year has been blessed with the joyous and its fair share of downs, and for that it has really taught me that whilst God permits us trials, He also provides us with the comfort when we fall. I'm truly thankful, and for the Christmas miracles that unfolded one by one ♥ And it's even more surreal that in 24 hours I'll be setting off for the next 6 months, something so excruciatingly exciting....yet still bearing that cloud of apprehension. I'm honestly really thankful for my parents and friends who supported me through my affiliate application, and provided much needed support and advice. It's funny how I have (most probably) experienced the epitome of being a Singaporean in the past week than in the years of existence - Gardens by the bay, MBS, partying, char kway teow, old airport road, East coast park cycling, sunbathing, seafood dinner and homely family gatherings!

An unending list of to-dos, but for now - London is calling. Ciao, mes bons amis!
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