Sunday 13 May 2018

Adulting is tough, said everyone.

Saturday 9 September 2017


Married my best friend today :')

Saturday 6 May 2017

Hello there,

It's been a while since I last penned down my scattered thoughts here. It's like having a little parade in my mind - an organised mess but somewhat cathartic. Also, it's the perfect sojourn away from crafting structured papers in the office heehee. Frivolity aside, wedding planning has been going on slow and steady, amazing to see how things are starting to fall in place. Even little details like the type of flowers and the table calligraphy all add to the bigger picture....though the most important detail is for our marriage to be accountable to God. Though true love is vulnerable, I've never been happier.

We'll be sending out Save the Dates soon, so do look out for them!♥ 

Peace out (in R's glasses and terrible backlight).

Tuesday 14 March 2017

Greek islands - Santorini II,


Santorini is a fascinating island to explore, there are nooks and crannies that veer you off the tourist focal points. While it's the largest island of the archipelago, Santorini is a small island - I daresay that driving from one end to the other takes about an hour tops. The best way to enjoy the island is by renting a car, so you can take it at your own pace and not subject yourself to the mainstream transport routes.

There are many villages within Santorini, with the popular ones being Oia and Thira. We stayed in an bed and breakfast in Oia (Villa Ecoxenia, Cyclades Islands 8470), which was a popular area for their sunset views. We didn't choose to stay by the caldera, because of the crowd and sheer cost of accommodation; will share more pictures in my next post, the backyard was still really gorgeous! R has a knack for choosing the right places to stay in.

Credit: Sveta NYC 

Oia is your typical Greece postcard view - azure blue sky, cliff-perched coast and white-washed cubiform houses. There's a certain charm to the serenity of the place, provided you do not get caught with throngs of tourists getting in the way of your personal space. Not to mention the soft breeze blowing up from the caldera.

Fresh fruit, cheese and bread; and cafe wifi.

Greek yoghurt with fresh fruit - they will usually provide some honey on the side for you to drizzle for sweetness.

Decked in full H&M from Rome (can't afford anything else), an impromptu we-ran-out-of-clothes holiday situation. It was also because we transitioned from a cold Spring -> hot Summer in the month and headed South.

The islands are the epitome of laid-back island life - reading, cool sea breeze, beer, calamari, conversations and friendly Greeks. This was by far one of the most scenic and carefree holiday destinations I've been to, it was really a huge blessing to be in awe of His amazing creations!

The Red beach near the Akrotiri was relatively crowded when we went, and was about a 5-10 min walk from the ATV parking area. But it was worth it, because the enveloping slopes of red and black volcanic rocks were really unique, and not to mention the crystal clear waters! You could glimpse it from the headland, at the beginning of the path if you're lazy to go down; but would suggest for you to climb down to the beach to enjoy the view and see it for yourself. The waters were a bit too chilly for frolicking though, and this was in June (maybe it's just me, R's threshold is a lot higher)

Gallivanting around the area, one of the pitstops enroute to the Black beach @ Perissa.

Lunch at a roadside tavern, looks peaceful but there were tons of summer flies around - the waiter laughed at me (so did R).

Arrived at the Black Beach @ Perissa, armed with our beach equipment aka ball pong.

Driving back to Oia for dinner and busking in the golden hour journeying back.

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