Monday, 25 July 2011

Melbourne on film,

Nostalgia is the best seasoning, they say. Taking a chance with the secondhand SLR, it is with sheer delight that these two roll of films were developed ☀ Snippets of my recent Melbourne trip through the lens of the Canon EOS for your viewing pleasure. Missing the refreshing, albeit sometimes stinging cold, ocean breeze and sunshine. Enjoy the berserk hair or palish states (if any), typical Tropical beings don't belong to Winter.

I would say that the pictures turned out pretty well, not too grainy or overexposed. Of course accounting in the fact that I took a chance with its virgin shoot during the trip itself, and being such an amateur at film! Everything seemed like an excellent photograph opportunity, with the picturesque scenery to the blooming daisies and cute beyond words caucasian kids ascending roadside trees.

Captured most of the scenery in digital form though, since there was too much backlight from the glaring sun. A paranoma stitch of the gorge would have been amazing but my camera wasn't up to the challenge. (Broke down while playing fetch with the Border collie along Anglesea beach) The twelve apostles were gorgeous, except that there are only 6 left standing because of weathering and erosion. Nonetheless, they stood majestic against the glaring skylight.

The last picture is really just for comic reliefs; think coastal sea breezes and beckoning an overly-friendly Border collie. Love candid frames, even though it doesn't really depict the full picture (pardon the pun haha) These are really just minute glimpses of the trip, digital pictures soon hopefully!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Washed up,

It's yet another lazy Sunday, without the alarm interrupting my peaceful sleep. Finally found time to handwash my soft white shawl (which has been thoroughly abused throughout the summer holidays I'm afraid) and seeing the tail ends flutter in the breeze is oddly therapeutic. Comfort food never fails to cheer me up, I present to you my childhood feast of plain crackers with cheese slices and green apple Yakult. The past week hasn't been an easy, be it turning 20 or having staying up with puffy eyes on a Sunday night on the phone with a close friend or missing the Module Preference Exercise or the revelation on how much a certain someone was needed through my darkest moments. This 20th birthday, I finally realized how much words can dig up the ugly past and I really hope my single wish will come true. 
But of course, I had my sunshine moments too - awesome clean fun at Union camp with the Cornflakes! And to those who sent their encouragement and love and/or birthday regards, I really appreciate them and I can't thank you enough ♥ 
Plus the birthday surprises and cakes I'm extremely grateful for, the only day out of 365 days I can uncover the princess side of thyself ♕ 

And of course, Kudos to my trusty furry companion throughout, I love you very much ♥♥♥

On a side note, my film camera is itching to bask in the glory of the sunlight heehee.
Off to afternoon retail wonders (hopefully) and meeting the cornflake mates in the evening, sounds like a spell for a great day ahead, can't wait ☺ 

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Serendipity happens,

"There is only one you for all time. Fearlessly be yourself." (It's not in my nature to start off with a quote but it stared at me on my brand new page of July on my calendar) And when I'm being myself, I sit on the window beam and take out my marker to doodle on windows, it's therapeutic in a very badass but non-badass way. This week has been a whirlwind of happenings, but I'm really just waiting to chance upon a serendipity. July has always been the month and I'm praying it's joy doesn't fail, just like every year ♥

I'm not trying to be cryptic or anything, just need a space to write down my thoughts. Rational thoughts I hope, because I don't really edit my stream of thoughts - they seem very scattered and empty when you look back and correct words to fit the eyes of the world. (And to pardon you from the torture of my rants, hence the second half locked) Believe it or not, I like them raw so that when I crawl through my posts, scratches of that exact feeling falls back in place and time rewinds.

Sometimes oblivion may be bliss.

P.S. Caught melbourne on film, will upload soon ☺
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