Tuesday, 29 November 2011


This is the story of a homeless Jack Russell - my family found her wandering on the streets aimlessly and all helpless. She's extremely adorable and hyperactive. We intended to name her Daisy but my grandmother calls her Summer, because she's as bright as a button and reminds us of sunshine when fetching a ball. We were trying to find a loving home for her, and after much fuss, a warm Caucasian family who adopted her ♥

The family now calls her Pepper, and her welfare is definitely taken care of extremely well! A short snippet from an email from them: "Ally gave her a bath last night and she was an angel! She's sleeping Ally's room and is eating well. Every morning we go down for a walk after seeing the kids off to school - it was really cute today as she cried a little when the kids got on the bus. She is such a caring dog."

And with a twist of fate (or a fortunate change of events), she may also be flying over to the states to greener pastures when the family returns back to America. So glad for her ♥

P.S. Exams are over, will definitely update more frequently but of course!

Tuesday, 22 November 2011


Took my SLR baby for Supernova concert night out @University town last month, didn't really take many pictures and was running on Kodak Ultramax ISO 400 colour film, same as the one pictured here. I was taken aback on a few occasions where my lens froze though, because of the low lighting. The picture turnout wasn't great but I loved the black silhouettes against the changing stage lights. Concert turnout was not bad, with college students sprawled across the Utown lawn with their picnic mats and what nots, albeit rain earlier that day.


What considered to be the highlight of the show.....the big bang of stage fireworks which I clearly missed because I was in awe of the display. Hence, the picture above.

I'm in the middle of exam week (2 papers down) so more updates next week - I smell freedom already ♥ Till then!

Friday, 18 November 2011

For life's not a paragraph,

Caught a glimpse of beautiful evening sun rays, a pleasant surprise as I walked past my parents' room in a half conscious state.  Which is not a mean feat considering how the afternoon heat has basked my room in a drunken stupor. (Like room, like occupant I'll say) Hidden sweet treats found buried in the refrigerator are such gems, except that the sugar crystals keep flaking off and I have to dust them away from my desk. In other side news, I've also painted my nails jade green, the picture doesn't really do them justice because they look turquoise and my fingers look awkward haha. I also have a knack for hoarding bottles so my Starbucks 100% fresh orange juice comes in handy as a bottle companion.

Got a few OPI bottles from a fashion event I attended whilst I was working last year, haven't tried them yet even though they're very prettily lined up on my accessories shelf. And of course, an eiffel tower keychain, which perches perfectly on the window grill. What bold dreams ♥

Love the contrast against my new IKEA cushion, garnered through a fulfilling meal of meatballs, chicken breast with pasta, classic juice and Daim cake two days ago. If I eat there frequently enough, perhaps I'll have the whole range of the other colours. Ciao!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Motion prevails,

Song of the moment: Ben- Michael Jackson

Good morning world, it's a hundred degrees outside. Although I did peer out of the window to see if it was gonna rain, since the weather these days has been extremely erratic. But nope, it's an azure blue sky dotted with magnolia clouds. This is what education does to you I reckon. The motion prevails, we just follow through drifting alongside something we think we believe in, but some may not. Digressing, I like this picture because it shows how clean my room is, plus the crooked makeshift moustache is just so out of place (what a failed attempt). The white bear, my dad's gift to my mum, says hi on the top shelf and I spy my favourite bunch of wooden tulips from Holland.

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A bouquet of clumsy words,

Earnestly looking forward to the holidays, wishing I had the luxury to find pockets of time to DIY once again. Whilst I'm scrawling through my charmed bracelet archives from here and here, Cathy's making herself at home and curling up like a fur ball on my bed.

The title pretty much sums it all, clumsy thoughts of the day drunkenly placed together. Just spent the afternoon oscillating between my notes and daydreaming (what's new), and aborted a mission to print all of my module notes to make time for Nicole Scherzinger videos. Pussy Cat dolls chalks up girl band nostalgia, which serves up as an untimely distraction. Oh and not to mention, my recent craze on homemade DIY ice cream sandwiches which never fail to please. New recipe for happiness in this tropical heat: Any type of bread and chunks of your favourite ice cream, enjoy ☀

Insights of the past week - Sweets are a necessity in my handbag to stay awake during key points of the day (especially the morning classes) Pretty cultural boxes from Paris are a plus heehee.

Gonna scuttle off to take a warm shower and arm myself with good ole green tea before starting work pronto. Ciao!
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