Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Asia Fashion EXchange - 30th April 2010

It was a rather impromptu decision to go down to 4 seasons hotel (for the Asia Fashion Summit) and the F1 pit building for the Blueprint event.Opened only for Trade and Media on the first two days, we got the glimpse of the fashion industry, especially the workings of local designers incubated.
(Note: One of TaFF's projects was the incubator @ Parco Marina)

In fact, many of them were presented on such an international platform e.g. Raoul which showcases that branding is highly important in marketing your label.In fact, the many pieces in Raoul's cruise collection 2010 promotes innovation in mix 'n match.Similar soft fabric (mostly blue pastures and floral) but in different styles. Daniel Yam was a bit shocking (Kinda fresh in a way) though, with their vibrant colours, so different from our perception of the brand being the last resort for safe evening dresses on the rack.

"Fashion is merely a form of ugliness so unbearable that we are compelled to alter it ever six months."
-Oscar Wilde

Retail trade is in fact one of the most dynamic industries to enter, and because inspiration doesn't come with a click, designers not only have to come up with functional garments but aesthetically pleasing and off tandem from the norm. Sure, it may be a monopolistic competitive industry with no barriers to entry or exit but I think the will to resist against turning into a chamelon and assuming the safe trends that the masses embrace has to be very strong in order not to turn out as just one of those labels on the market.

As I'm sitting at home hopping about in virtual world, was looking at Alexander Wang's Fall 08 collection which has some really simple pieces layered together.
Very different from her use of velvet and Wall Street image in her Fall 2010 collection
Even though the colours were mostly on the safe side and all, possibly linking to the Ready-To-Wear vision that it was labelled to be.

Bandage skirts are in again.
London dreams of coats and stockings/boots with beret.

The fall collection (below) also had a similar piece which I saw at AFX Blueprint event in the Second Issue booth, inspiration adapted by the local designer no?
And yes, the entire blouse is very sheer.

Anyway it reminds me of Rudy Gernreich's topless dress which made it to the Fifty dresses that changed the World. (Click here if you want to know more)

His signature dresses that made him famous. (pictured centre)

Some pictures from the event, none from the runway shows though.

Adios amigos, till later!

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