Saturday, 22 September 2012

Melbourne'11 Part IV

Continued from Part III here, we headed to the Great Ocean Road, home to the Twelve Apostles and the famous Bells beach which I finally got to soak in the natural beauty of ♥ We also passed by coastal townships of Torquay and Lorne where most of the surfers retreat to during summer (It was winter then so it was pretty dormant) Throughout the length of the road, there were many fern filled gullies and river inlets that added to the pleasure of the scenic coastal drives! It was a pretty long drive though, and the road really got terribly windy halfway so it can be rather nauseous-inducing after a while. Sweets and music on board certainly help.

We also made stops at passing towering limestone cliffs, and white beaches basking in the morning sun. And of course, witnessing the Twelve apostles from the boardwalk while the remaining 7 are still standing strong in the Southern ocean. Lunched at a small town @ Apollo bay hotel to escape from the cold!

The world famous Bells Beach didn't disappoint either - home to the World surfing championships, the scenery was really breathtaking - for the lack of a better word. The draft was freezing though (can't really tell from the pictures but yeah it was mad cold). Port Campbell was nearby, which was a charming fishing village and a summer holiday resort where a tragic history of ships wrecked along the rugged coast took place, can't remember the details. Crossed the West Gate bridge back to Melbourne city by evening.

Met the friendliest and fun-loving Border collie which was such a delight to play fetch with @Anglesea beach, my sister was so engrossed that she dropped the camera and sand was stuck in the lenses for the rest of the trip!

Because it was winter in Australia, the days are much shorter and hence, the sun sets pretty fast. Just some last few photograph shots of the scenic coastal cliffs bathing in warm illumination of the impending sunset.

Sometimes I catch myself scrolling through my iPhoto memory racks for these pictures, perhaps an inherent tendency for a momentary escape. Whilst the very insatiability of our photography skills
sometimes take a too technical slant and alter the natural charm a sight exudes, I'm glad that these stills could capture that salt saturated fresh air and freezing cold bite the draft invited. And of course, the majestic awe of it all.

Pictures taken by my trusty Canon IXUS 1000HS

Melbourne Part V (soon)

Apollo Bay Hotel
95 Great Ocean Road 
Apollo Bay VIC 3233
Australia (03)5237 6250

Friday, 21 September 2012

Get too close to the flame,

Song of the moment: Give me sympathy - Metric

I've been extremely busy - with college classes starting (I'm 6 weeks behind in saying this oh my), meetups with my friends coming back to Singapore for a short period and dealing with 101 other issues like my exchange administration (which has been a pain because of my concurrent applications but hopefully nonetheless will be worth the risk) and a countdown to R's London bound. I've also refurnished my red highlights in a heartbeat, which turned out more vibrant than expected. I admit that I didn't really fancy it at first but now that I've grown to love it, it feels like a permanent fraction of my identity - which is quite a refreshing change I must say ♥  Deep down, I must have subconsciously trying to retain my summer hair which has since grew out and faded away. Off to brew some hot tea to nurse my cold in this gloomy wet weather, with Metric playing on repeat because Emily haines deserves to be on loop for forever. Shall do up my DIY posts from summer - if you can't tell by now summer is one of my favourite words, perhaps if I say summer really fast and clicked my heels together I could return back just like Dorothy. Summer summer summer summer summer summer summer.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012


Paid a little vist to the Kranji countryside one fine Saturday afternoon where we had the car. Armed with our cameras, but I didn't bring my film unfortunately. Roamed around, almost forgetting we were still in Singapore - what luxuries of time together I will dearly miss.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

DIY organizer skin,

Ever wondered about what to do with paper bags with gorgeous prints but you can't bear to use to store junk in? My DIY calendar organizer (from here) has suffered the woes of being haphazardly tossed into my bag - a whole term of it! Time to give it a new soul with a few simple steps the old school way ♥ 

                                    Rope brown twine:   Any Art store, Daiso sells it for $2
                                    Paper bag:                 Free from retail therapy
                                    Clear plastic film:      Leftover from my sister's textbook wrapping

I always make it a point to have an abundant supply of rope twine and parcel paper (the crisp brown kind) because they exude such simplistic charm which I simply adore. Besides, you can always ink on the parcel paper to transform it into something personalized; and  It's also really useful for pretty much any situation.

Pick a side you're happy with, start cutting and wrapping it around your organizer (you can even use an exercise book!) Remember the protective plastic film, if not it wouldn't weather through the term. And viola new skin, so pleased with it even though it's something so simple :)

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