Sunday, 2 September 2012

DIY organizer skin,

Ever wondered about what to do with paper bags with gorgeous prints but you can't bear to use to store junk in? My DIY calendar organizer (from here) has suffered the woes of being haphazardly tossed into my bag - a whole term of it! Time to give it a new soul with a few simple steps the old school way ♥ 

                                    Rope brown twine:   Any Art store, Daiso sells it for $2
                                    Paper bag:                 Free from retail therapy
                                    Clear plastic film:      Leftover from my sister's textbook wrapping

I always make it a point to have an abundant supply of rope twine and parcel paper (the crisp brown kind) because they exude such simplistic charm which I simply adore. Besides, you can always ink on the parcel paper to transform it into something personalized; and  It's also really useful for pretty much any situation.

Pick a side you're happy with, start cutting and wrapping it around your organizer (you can even use an exercise book!) Remember the protective plastic film, if not it wouldn't weather through the term. And viola new skin, so pleased with it even though it's something so simple :)

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