Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Life right on track,

A perfect summer day at the railway tracks before they closed off for revamp.
Here's some sneaks from the roll of film, plus a puffed-up looking me attempting to be demure.

Life has been pretty much on track, I reckon. With summer projects and memories left behind, school has started rather lazily. (Apart from the full blast recruitment drive and interviews) And not to forget certain misunderstandings that have been incurred - words may be little but they are sure lethal. I never did buy a ticket for this unspoken edginess. So may I sincerely invite you to board off this train at the next station because it's heading nowhere, and we don't want to see you crash and burn. I can't keep holding on if you keep pushing me down to the tracks. I'm not sure about your train of thoughts, but if you insist on fighting against the train conductor, don't drag your friends along if you still consider them your friends, please.

Monday, 15 August 2011

If we can't be ourselves, we need no mirrors,

Favourite pictures out of the lot (because I obviously couldn't choose just a few), meeting them again this Saturday - here's to more nostalgic laughing abs and friends who never change from way back ♥

Tumblr's ask feature here is quite interesting, I won't answer too personal questions though :}

Sunday, 14 August 2011

We are young, we run free,

Time you enjoy wasting isn't time wasted but time well spent, cliche but true. Spent the summer delving into Student union projects, but had some spare time for some plain doodles here and there (I desperately seek Summer'12 already)

Hopefully foreign exchange plans for next Summer materializes, I really can't wait ♥ I'll finally be able to translate these paper dreams into documented film and first hand experiences, which is something I've been yearning to do ☺ (Yet another major thing to add to the bucket list teehee)

Brand new semester starts tomorrow, and the December holiday waits earnestly for is completion.
Wild, wild dreams, but what can you say - we are young, we run free.
We travel to get lost, but in return we find ourselves.

Friday, 12 August 2011

From strides to tides,

Yearning for the day I can finally fling myself unto my bed, hair pulled back in a messy ponytail and in a larger than life T-shirt. Guilt-free sleep without the alarm interrupting the beauty sleep, and waking up to glorious cheese crackers and strawberries still half-asleep in the crisp morning. Throw in some cushions and magazines, belly down on the couch with the world at my fingertips on my Mac. Then I'll pull myself up to sit by the window beam, rule the world with my film camera before rolling back lazily down to my bed.

Typed this a week back, even though now that School has started, but I'm proud to say that today is the day haha. (I really want summer back) On a side note, I've finally comprehend the essence of 一波未平,一波又起

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Talk of summertime,

While this cosy spot continues to hold my dreams and thoughts, I've created a tumblr a few months back dedicated to my reveries (as a sideline because I couldn't resist) Land of the wanderlust here
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