Sunday, 18 January 2015

Back from China 中国,

Hello folks, I'm finally back from the Land of Mao - even though parts of the trip was a battle against my stamina (thanks R for being so selfless and caring), thought it was a great experience for the first time setting foot on new grounds, we even made some local friends who infused the 小苹果 song into our heads. Here's a sneak peek of the trip, loving the splash of colours! More about it on a separate post, for now it's back to reality as the office beckons.

R's trip back home in Singapore has been an extreme whirlwind, but I'm thankful because we got to spend some quality time over Christmas and the New Year. It was also very refreshing (and not to mention therapeutic) spending the crossover to 2015 amidst the countryside cold and giant mountains. Reminds us on how tiny we really are on the surface of earth, and how the years before us are standing erect like giants. Nothing short of reflective.

Can't wait till the next break already, ciao!
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