Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My hairbrush is the key to stardom,

It's a quarter past eleven in the morning and I'm feeling a tad drowsy from my prescribed cough syrup (which works wonders, really)
With an oversized tee with my overgrown hair bunned up, what a perfect rainy day to just escape behind the sheets!
Anyhow, I'm trying to stay awake sipping guava juice and waiting for The Life of Brian to load on my laptop - perks of a film module 
Overdue pictures from the yacht promo filming, I miss my Bash committee!

All other pictures on facebook, way back haha.

On a side note, people shouldn't try over reading into thoughts.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Yesterday's today,

3am mornings, celebrating Y's birthday with all the MC love, packing 3000 goodie bags for Open house, injuring my toe in the weirdest of ways, learning my lesson that locked faucets are chained for a reason (superhero TH to the rescue!) and forming a team of choir dropouts at the exit doors.
Plus, Ramly burgers and Koi milk tea for the first time.
Who said duty could be mundane?
All in a day's worth 

Friday, 11 March 2011

Tuesday mornings are lonely mornings,

Because after a weekend of company and escape, I retreat back to my shell of homely bliss 
(and face my work pile...)
Developed pictures from the Holga 120N camera
Not too shabby for the first two rolls of film for the camera!
Love the soft texture of how film rolls turned out ♥

Should try to get accustomed to the lens angle because the pinhole view doesn't correspond to the shooting angle! (So tempted to get another film camera of my own, distractions)
Took a couple of shots using double exposure with him, hope they turn out well when we develop them soon.
It's pretty expensive though, does anyone know where to develop film at cheap rates in Singapore? (Please let me know!!)
Photography society is offering darkroom developing workshops soon, maybe I'll sign up for those when my schedule finally allows me to 

Reminder to self: Send Karen's package over, so overdue sorry 

Photo credits to R

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Commissioning parade,

15/01/2011 R's commissioning parade after 9 months of hard work sweat blood!!

Rain cleared just before the parade started (despite continuing later), God really answered our silent prayers 

Heavy downpour but the parade went on
Would have loved to capture the slow-motion movements of the splashing rain puddles with their synchronized stomps.
Overcast skies.

So proud of you, even though this post is a few months late 

Photograph credits to R's family

Saturday, 5 March 2011

I've got to get a message to you,

State of destruction of my Mac desktop after my Religion and Film essay (which required me to screen shot scenes) which I haven't gotten to de-clutter as of yet.

Anyway, the title of this post is as such because I'm addicted to I've got to get a message to you from Bee Gees, the tune keeps ringing in my head.

My mum's blasting ABBA on full volume in the living room while preparing lunch, really very distracted but my business paper beckons.

And just to know that I'm still alive after spending 2 hours (yes at AS7, I like my essays printed fresh and crisp) rushing my essay due that very day + effects of a couple of iced coffee cans from the vending machine.
Secretly praying that my Professor drinks a few shots before he embarks on my essay heehee.

The state of my hair scares me, considering trimming the ends my mane soon.
Off for Macaroni for lunch, and out for tea in the afternoon, till later!

Friday, 4 March 2011

We're riding faster up the hill,

Had this drafted a while back (during the holidays) but forgot to post it!
Found a quaint find at Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey hill 
Arrived unusually early for my Browhaus appointment before L's wedding so I pranced around, wishing I had my camera with me but unfortunately didn't 
Pictures below taken by my previous phone (which has officially given up on me, RIP)

You can't really make out the words but it says Beauty Emporium

There was even an essential oils counter where you could mix'n match potions, with other products
in the classic trolley pick up style (albeit the steep prices)

Magazine with hot lemon tea saves the day

Away from the crowd, sometimes all we need is just days like these 

P.S. Preparing to concuss after this post, have been swamped with a never ending pile of work deadlines recently. Beauty sleep deprived!

Blk 8D Level 2 Dempsey Road 
Tel: 6475 7375
Open: Daily 10am–10pm
(Spa Esprit, Browhaus, and many more!)
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