Sunday, 25 March 2012

à la carte,

Nothing says comfort like a bowl of brown rice porridge and morning warmth peeking in (I do not like the intense sun rays). This was taken during one of my hell weeks, or so I claim. As you can tell by now, I spend a lot of my time by the window sill (when my family's out) with Cathy sleeping intimately next to me. It's really pretty outside when the trees are all abloom, feels like Spring! Way before the afternoon heat comes basking in its full glory of course. 

The past week has been a good break from the previous - a bit of retail therapy, fries and froyo after a (not so) relaxing run, Fosters tea and laughing till teary eyed, setting up of fairy lights and gorgeous lanterns by my bedside, mint coloured nails and catching up with some old friends (My favourite Punjabi friend owes me a whole meal by now). And a bit of the bad, like parting with suede boots that caught my eyes at Pull and Bear. Midterm results aren't looking so hopeful though haha. 

To do list:
1. Multicultural team meta-analysis IO psych research paper
2. Cognitive psych tutorial research paper reading
3. Gdocs project meeting
4. Soci tutorial (To print)
5. Pack avalanche of clothes in wardrobe
6. Nominate phone line for MIO plan
7. Take passport photograph
8. Renew passport
9. 21st planning

And there you go, my beautiful to-do list. They say "Fate is like a strange cafe filled with odd little waiters serving you things you never asked for and don't always like" Sometimes I stare at the items and pretend like I'm ordering food, oh the cheap thrills of picking them out one by one à la carte before scratching them off with a wooden pencil. 

Minus the appetizing bit, but of course.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Red wine in plastic cups,

The day we had barbecued steak with our hands and red wine in plastic cups @ Sommerville park (Thanks David for being such a lovely host) We were lucky that the skies were clear and the air was cool since the place was in the open. Pigged out a lot (Thanks Xuankai for preparing all the food) and 'twas good catching up with the classies before many of them fly away :) Headed up to David's for some card games + chocolates, unfortunately I left Balderdash in the car! And of course, nothing better to complete the day with our usual multi-shot pictures hahaha us three girls are so good at this, the guys just got so lost halfway....

Some stills showing how the 2 of them behind tried to jeopardize our shots with a sofa cushion but failed:


That's faith,

"We sleep each night without the assurance of waking up alive but we always make plans for tomorrow. That's hope."Just sharing some one-liner stories I've read, and thought that some invoked pretty meaningful worth and tied in aptly with today's sermon on dry valleys. Especially with the Christian faith, many of us preach a lot about entrusting it all to Him but do they really translate to actions? What an unfortunate food for thought. So what is faith: "The entire village prayed for the rain, all but a boy failed to bring their umbrella." That's faith.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Days undone,

Whipped out my SLR on a sunny afternoon when my nephew came over for a carnival @ Queens - these film pictures were taken back in 2011 so please pardon the tardiness! They really brought about bouts of glee as I looked through the stash of archives in my iPhoto library, you can't really compartmentalize memories like a Mac - can anyone? Especially looking through pictures of his cheeky cotton candy filled smiles. Nothing like empty yoghurt boxes (yes, if you look closely at the pictures) and pink cotton candy clouds to make a 3 year old's day. Such a joy to shoot!

Film: Kodak max GC (ISO 400)
Camera: Canon SLR EOS 650 (2nd hand)

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Silence speaks when words can't,

Song of the moment: Santa Fe - Beirut

My most intensive midterms are finally over! And the weekend also marks the end of yet another week of frenzy. Hallelujah for a sojourn in the comfort zone once again or rather a lull period before the next few weeks of hectic project deadlines. On the part of updates, new or not so recent additions to my life: a much needed watch (spy the heartaching scratch on the surface) and new literature to the shelf which I'm finally to chalk up some time to sit down, relax and read through the weekend. Classics are always a score. And also, new insights as to how sometimes silence really speaks when words can't really encapsulate emotions, breathing a whole new meaning to empty vessels making the most noise. Are we really able to pay no heed to labels only in the dark?

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend, ciao!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Sandypanty's 21st ♥

I rarely take my camera out for a spin nowadays, especially at parties where I usually try to carry as little as possible or just being plain lazy and leaving it in the security of my handbag. Glad that I brought it along for Sand's 21st party @ Food for thought a few weeks back! Sorry for the different filters that I was experimenting with haha.

Proud letters S and I cut out a few days before

Birthday girl opening her present

We got her a pair of Dr Martens 1460 Boots in Cherry red and they look really gorgeous! Hope you loved it, now you can roam Costa Rica in style with love from the three of us ♥ 

Free flow of beer and tons of polariods! We missed you Karen :'( Shiany and I kept wishing you were there so we drowned our sorrows in the best butterscotch profiteroles ever (I think we ate like 20 in total)

"Maybe this can help reduce our inhibitions to talk to people we don't know"

"Pick us, pick us!"

And of course presenting to you our true selves:


Looking blur as usual hahaha

We love you, 8 years and counting ♥♥♥ 
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