Friday, 27 June 2014

Square updates,

Hi everyone! A thousand apologies for neglecting this space for an extended period of time, it feels refreshing to have graduated from college and being thrown into the corporate world. Admittedly, I was rather nervous about starting work and (seemingly blindly) attempting to climb up the success ladder - but I guess it's really how you make it out to be. It's my third week of work and I daresay that my department has been nothing but helpful and inspiring, I cannot be more thankful ♥ While the looming review papers and exponential learning curve may seem daunting, the challenging prospects of applying organizational psychology to my field of work is really exciting and the learning opportunities given to a fresh graduate.

On the other hand, I'm also really thankful for the friends I've made over the years, R who has stayed by my side and encouraged me throughout, my family and loved ones - and last but least, God who has been faithful and gracious through these humbling 4 years of college. I can't say that it has been the most smooth sailing of years, but I can say that it has truly shaped me to the independent lady I am today.

For now, weekends are a perfect sojourn from weekdays (even though I bring my work home) and with R having the car, we get to explore the outer corners of the island which is something we always look forward to :) Last weekend I had to work on Saturday, but he spinned by to pick me up for tea at Wheeler's yard at Baleister and we brought Cathy to a dog cafe near Whampoa. And not to mention how we get to explore brunch places in the east, like Coastal settlement. Hope to update my travelogues soon, but for now here's an instagram square update from Wheeler's yard! ♥ 
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