Thursday, 19 April 2012

A sprinkle of mnemonic charm please,

It's 11:11, and I make a silly wish for a sprinkle of mnemonic charm for the the (albeit mundane) day - nearly the advent of a new afternoon means I have to start scampering through my pile of research papers (Reading week started on 15 April) but right now I'm still on Fashion toast for my daily dose of breakfast ♥ Some new additions to my stash from weeks ago, particularly pleased about the mint nail polish which I've been raving about which goes perfect with the turquoise school satchel (houses my Mac snugly for presentation days) Grab and go books from the book sale @ NUS Central Forum - short stories because I can't really afford time for leisure reading nowadays and Jodi Picoult in a feeble attempt to entice my sister to read more.

In (not so recent) times, I've also jumped from Team pencil to Team liquid eyeliner, I know the bottle spots noir intense but it's not very harsh and so manageable to sweep across, just irks me when it gets into my waterline. But it stays on longer than pencil eyeliners, although the latter has a softer touch. Halfway through the bottle, and I'm lovin' and not leaving the house without it thus far!

New eyecandies on the list:
1. NYX Black label lipstick in Summer in HamptonGirly pink or Shell
2. Gorgeous Bulova vintage watch piece

It's time for lunch, time to hit the kitchen for homecooked green tea Soba (closest thing I have to my Wakame Udon craving). Oh how I long for summer, I can feel it in my blood. Ciao!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Audrie's 21st @ Fosters

Happy blessed 21st birthday girlfriend! ♥ I remembered how we crashed her place for a surprise 20th party last year (ganged up with her mumsie) and she treated us shabu shabu in this post ^^ This year, she had a formal party held @ Fosters, which is really exciting because the scones are heavenly....and also because a dear friend turned 21 teehee. Really missing the good ole IB times where we used to share chemistry/relationship/gossip/IB/racial harmony day/teachercoughV&Lcough/girl woes and our multishot pictures!

The theme was Anglophilia, and I thought that the party was really well planned - especially with a proper programme with games and music going on. Here we are filling up nonsense answers for a pop quiz on questions on her and on Anglophilic related items! (Pardon Carren's and my sleepy eyes in subsequent pictures...)

Segment where she sang and dedicated a sweet song to her mum ♥  

Her cake was made entirely out of jelly, look at the layers!

Remnants of my clumsily eaten scone and finger sandwiches, you can order this à la carte Devonshire Cream Tea set @ $11++ from 3pm-6pms everyday, comes with a selection of cream and butter and served with a pot of tea or coffee :) Love the cosy interior, Carren and I were eyeing the cushion seats the whole time...

Some group shot credits to Jerry Er


Fosters - An English rose cafe
277 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278994

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Snippets of life I,

Here's for all the accumulated photo-worthy moments captured throughout (certain) days when I'm lazy to whip out my camera. If you have sneakily went through the Gallery on my phone, you'd have seen them all!

Modele, au natural

At xiner's makeup studio school

Raspberry ice cream for an old school treat to unwind by the pool

Beautiful gradients in the sky

                              QTPY salt and pepper shakers @ Hatched                           Colourful hangers from Daiso!

Doubled rainbow spotted @ my uncle's veranda by the pool

                 Pretty pink daisy in our living room          Strange creeper plant spotted @ Engineering faculty


New bathrobes after a dip in the pool

Alfresco tea light candle dinner @ La Petite Cusine

Humongous serving of pulled pork / smoked salmon ciabatta 
and truffle oil mushroom soup @ PS Cafe Harding Road

Homely seating area @ PS Cafe Harding road

  Free USS tickets! (Thank you Mumsie)       Yakisoba @ Japanese Gourmet town
Snug fit for a (free) cuppa Starbucks in my mustard bag

Basil pesto pasta with bacon bits by the best cook in the world (hahaha)

Empty patch of land near my place where the estates were demolished in the blink of an eye

                          Food rations for a typical school day                                             Mint nails heehee

                           Bruise from NUSSU Bash @ St. James powerhouse        Showing my friend the dear state of my long fringe

Fairy lights and lanterns for my bedside!

Sequinned hairbands when I'm in the mood (pardon the blur)

That's all folks, for now! Ciao ♥ 
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