Friday, 20 August 2010

The only difference between martyrdom and suicide is press coverage,

Supposed to be doing my readings for the week, but young gymnasts jumping my childhood dreams out on the trampoline won me over.
Just saw my Psychology mid term paper topics and I must admit that I'm completely fazed.

On a completely irrelevant note, (distraction here probably used as a coping mechanism, and no I need no psychoanalysis on this) this song brings back bounds and bounds of memories.
We gotta do our Chinese creation recording of this before you leave for the windy city, Karen!!!
Eurgh I miss how we could do all these rubbish and be all carefree and sing Technologic everyday in the creepy version and scream at each other at the sign of anything in relation with the number after nine.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Breakfast and Blessings Part II,

11/08/2010 Yet another rare chance to get breakfast together and being morning people, we settled on morning brunch @ Rider's cafe at the quaint Fairways Drive.
Brought back nostalgic memories of turf city trainings (even though it was the old turf city) :)

Sorry if I was so late on that morning, thousand apologies!!!

No pictures of the food but the yogurt with granola/fruit was really good :)
Plans for kite flying at Marina barrage but got jeopardized by the sudden downpour :(
It's a university day but doesn't seem like it, wish such days lingered a little longer and the cool weather here to stay.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

The beauty of connecting the dots,

29/07 After (nearly) months of vocal rehearsals and days of Outward Bound School on the offshore island of Pulau Ubin (plus filtration assessments for the rest); 29th July 2010 was the day we were conferred our fruit of labour.

It has been a humbling experience to meet such an inspiring and capable bunch, with such callings and high hopes for life - and even higher hopes for the enterprising world.
For I quote Khairul, "We found out that some of us have started our own public speaking training firms, or published our own e-Books, or started our own tuition agencies. We also found out that there were those amongst us who are gifted in Taekwondo, Volleyball, Canoeing, and Track & Field, among many others. We found out, that during our final interview with Chairman, there are those amongst us who felt that it would be good exposure to be seconded to a Crocodile Farm."

The enterprising spirit has indeed been infectious; and these experiences have definitely cemented and polished my idea of possessing this Tipping point skill.

I would definitely miss hanging out with all of you, even for the rehearsals! A bunch of people I've naturally grown close to in these couple of months, especially through Outward Bound. Being 24/7 around them, all defenses down and outfield setting; not to mention our raft expedition and even tougher expedition of surviving commando mosquitoes.

And not to mention all our after-rehearsal supper/dinner/tea rituals

We may have had a small glitch in skipping the entire verse in I'm Yours but we certainly sound the best (out of all rehearsals) on the real day, something to be truly thankful for :)
Vocal rehearsals have certainly paid off!
And of course a big shout out to the musicians and fellow lead singers who have been so encouraging and motivating to the entire team; and to everyone's words of encouragement and congratulations throughout the ceremony 

On my part, I was thankful that my speech went on well, all in God's grace.
It may have only been a short and sweet 5 minutes but hope it was infectious in spreading the beauty of each and every congratulations you all deserve :)
It was indeed an honour to speak as a representative for the batch, but an even greater honour to be a part of the family!
Truly a memorable day to celebrate and be thankful for ♥♥

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Breakfast and Blessings Part I,

26/7/10 Lazy (and rare) weekday breakfast@Prive before R flew off to Brunei, miss the lovely morning after-shower breeze by the bay.
It's a rare chance we get to have breakfast on a peace weekday morning so we settled for a cosy waterfront cafe tucked away from the world.
With the cool weather, toast, hot oatmeal and chocolate coated strawberries seemed like the perfect escape. (Albeit the threatening few raindrops that trickled down the trees above)
Thank goodness the outdoor lounge wasn't soaked!



Just love days like that to watch the world go by :)
Scuttled my way to NUS for dance practice with the other Arts raggers ♥♥♥

Prive Bakery cafe
2 Keppel Bay Vista
GF Marina at Keppel Bay

Friday, 13 August 2010

Little joys,

That colour the monotony amidst the much dreaded start of August aka college life.
3 hours, 3 girls, 3 cups of green tea, infinite memories (of the tiniest weirdest things)

Will miss having both -RENs by my side, sipping onto the nostalgic carefree memories of Crescent - we have to do this more often! (Hope it isn't too late)

Why so sappy,

The Koreans have a knack of creating such sappy storylines packed into a mere five minutes that plays around with your emotions.
I'm never a sucker for Korean music videos, especially the Korean pop culture.
Any hybrid of Asian romance and depression reminds me of Windstruck instinctively.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

As tall as lions,

University has officially started, and ironically it is when I finally crawl out of my inertia to update my cosy corner tucked away in virtual space. (And when my body starts to crumble under the build up of fatigue)
I haven't really gotten to do everything on my "before school starts" list but I got to immerse myself in some amazing projects with some really awfully amazing people.
For that, I have no regrets.

College life hasn't really settled in much as of yet, but it doesn't really stray much from the classic picture of lectures, friends, food and fun ♥♥♥

Right now, the next four years seem like giants.
will update more soon, ciao!
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