Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Visions for the near future,

What now that exams have drawn to an end? Therapy, meetings and finally slowing down Life's pace for the better.

1. Fixing my finances
2. Hair cut badly needed
3. Manicure with the girls on Monday
4. Skype dates with people across the globe
5. Bash comm meetings, planning streak ahead!
6. Keeping up with Bible study sessions
7. PRU/SLC camps - smells like fun
8. Lynn's wedding
9. Meetups and catching up with people whom I dearly miss
10. Settling claims and such
11. Fix my prized charm bracelets that broke
12. Browhaus please!!

College life has been fairly interesting with a twist, and I'm surprisingly taking it quite well.
Pictures of London paint pretty visions in my head but it's been a humbling experience.
The fact that I  know He has plans laid out for me comforts me a great deal and I give thanks for His presence throughout my exam spree.
Results are out on 21st December, for now it's a sojourn in the comfort zone.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

The one with the blue bikini lady and airbrush tattoos,

I'm back to my cosy little refuge - School's out and the holiday bug has already caught up.
Blissful afternoon @ Cafe del mar to orchestrate the onset of the next one month of therapy♥♥♥♥
(After Korean sappy movie the night before with the boy heehee)
Sun and sand goodness with cocktails and lovely company, what more to ask for on a lazy Saturday?

Messed up a few gorgeous polariods,

Lounging around without the books beckoning, blue bikini lady stories and air brush star sisters tattoos, we're on a roll.
Everyone need's a little saving at times - happy aches and sandy bags.

Church tomorrow, shall catch some beauty sleep soon 

Friday, 26 November 2010

The power of ten,

Skype magic with the girls a few weeks back before the onset of exams, felt the need to archive this because we're been anticipating our 101010 date online for years and it finally arrived!
Even though we aren't strewn over several continents, Karen's away in a different time zone hence the hassle of conflicting schedules.
Next skype date soon :)

Why they're so loved:

YAO ZA, indeed.

Update: Move on, Skype's a verb (we used oovoo)

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


I've been meaning to update this place, but it's really just a dry spell in my mind.
(I'm really still alive)
In the meantime, I shall clamp up one corner and join them books.
Or maybe if I clicked my heels together and wished really hard, finals will come and go, whisked away with the monsoon winds.
Anticipating 26th November, the day to remember.
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