DIY Sparkle heels,
Posted 24 July 2013

With the escapades of Winter and Spring frozen as memories, and me being back home on the sunny island of Singapore - I'm more than pleased to fall back into the reverie of DIY craft ♥ These dusty court shoes have been idling in my cupboard for quite a while, hence the sudden thought to jazz it up a little. What more beautiful a transformation from a dull pair of formals to a sparkle of silver to your plain outfit....Read more

DIY tribal nails,
29 October 2012

Manicures are so pampering, but it's hard to squeeze time and money out for such luxury regularly. The more intricate your nail designs, the more expensive it'll be - so why not do up your own? The best part is that it's so simple, and you won't even need to limit your choices to a commercial design book ♥.....Read more

DIY ombre denim shorts,
Posted 21 October 2012

Dip dye shorts have been quite a sensation recently, and what better to jazz up a pair of mundane denim shorts than to create the Ombré effect ♥ The french word ombragé stems from the English word umbrage, which simply means shaded. I love using stark contrasting colours for this, because it eventually creates a soft gorgeous blend - no matter how different the colours may be at first!....Read more

DIY organizer skin,
2 September 2012

Ever wondered about what to do with paper bags with gorgeous prints but you can't bear to use to store junk in? My DIY calendar organizer (from here) has suffered the woes of being haphazardly tossed into my bag - a whole term of it! Time to give it a new soul with a few simple steps the old school way ♥ .....Read more

DIY organizer,
Posted 14 January 2012

Breathe out the past. Brand new slate for the New Year, time for rejuvenation I reckon. And so, I dedicated small pockets of the last moments of 2011 to create my DIY makeshift organizer. All you need are a pair of steady hands, fine tip pens and some scrap paper to build one from scratch. The magic of Art is really all about transforming with what you have to work with right? (Work still in progress as evident in the pictures)....Read more

DIY home fountain,
Posted 31 December 2011

When no one's home, I make it a point to spread my notes around the coffee table next to the fountain because it's the water sounds are just so soothing! Plus, it's highly therapeutic having it in the background. This is mumsie's DIY project though, she has been into plants and semi-precious stones lately. She calls it a makeshift fountain but I think it's very well done....Read more

DIY: A cuppa dried flowers, Grande to go please
Posted 21 October 2011

Having attempted to hand press flowers once, which failed miserably, I decided to try them out with another batch of flowers heehee. Placed them under the sun for a few days by my window sill and viola, sun-dried flowers bringing sunshine to my room!....Read more

Apple π of my eye (mac decal)
Posted 6 September 2011

Sudden creative urge to break free from the clinical feel of my Mac one evening, with some pretty leftover flower prints + white tape, who said decals had to be unaffordable?....Read more

DIY Christmas foil cards,
Posted  24 December 2010

It's a Christmas eve morning and I'm scratching out Christmas trees on painted foil paper - what's most unfortunate is that the time-consuming nature of my cards means that it's not going to be ready for Christmas ....Read more

      DIY hand drawn shoes,
    Posted 14 May 2010
      The shoes turned out pretty well, fabric markers           and steady hands magically work a classic out....Read more

DIY Charm bracelet: Charm(ed)
Posted 5 December 2010

Do-it-yourself accessories can never go wrong, nimble fingers make a plus.
Note: Manicures may get sacrificed (at the tips especially, while bending the ends of wires) ....Read more

Baubles, Bangles and Beads,
Posted 3 December 2010

Frank Sinatra is such an inspiration - love his smooth swing vocals.
Anyhow, it inspired me to dig out my beads collections and get my hands on more (Arab Street and Far East has amazing variety)
Bringing pick n' mix to a new dimension!....Read more

DIY Lip scrub
Posted 11 November 2013

When I was overseas, the cold winter was often accompanies by the typical sight of dry chapped lips. Now, even though I'm back home in eternal summer (aka Singapore), spending copious amounts of time in air conditioning is inevitable and this can be really drying for the lips. This makes it extremely hard for lip balm or lipstick to stay on......Read more

DIY fringe shirt,
Posted 16 January 2014

I really love how fringe tees give out a refreshing yet playful element to an outfit ensemble ♥ Always wanted to get one of my own, but I didn't think it was worth shelling out 30 bucks for a shirt when I could easily transform an old blouse to have a customized fringe. Loved it so much that I bought some cheap tank tops for experimenting with this easy DIY! Had a lot of fun trying this out, and I'm so glad it turned out pretty well :) Here are 4 easy steps to jazz up.....Read more

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