Friday, 31 December 2010

Cat: our family dog,

26th December marked the day where Cathy turned 8 years old (Human age = dog age x 7)
Not just another mundane day, my mum whipped out a blue lace and turned Cathy into a preppy school girl.
So here's a post dedicated all to her 

Enjoying her moments - such a model she is, you should see her when she crosses her paws elegantly!

Thursday, 30 December 2010

But I don't want to cut the Mickey mouse,

It was my nephew's 4th birthday a week ago 

4 generations
 Took a couple of shots using slow synchro in the dark room whilst my nephew played with swinging light sticks, turned out quite funky. (He is extremely pleased with that)

Happy blessed 4th birthday boy!
Took off my party nail polish, shall lacquer it later again for the wedding 
Going to be rather busy over the next few days (New Year parties + gatherings), next week will be intensive prep for bash and PRU stuff and catching some free time to meet up with my dear friends hopefully before the new semester starts.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas reflections,

Blessed Christmas!
The Christmas mood this year seems to be dampened by the erratic weather Singapore's been receiving, but the spirit of Christmas remains ☺
(Even the shopping spirit)

Blessed morning with R's family at church service (Christmas hymns!), giving thanks for the past year - joys and woes alike.
And committing the brand new year into His hands, whatever challenges it may bring along.
Cruised down to Cityhall to brave the crowds for dinner with my family ☺
Amusing time, with the silly pictures and accessories shopping for L's wedding!

Christmas eve dinner

With the Cat's eye bangle

2010 has treated me well (albeit hiccups here and there), and I pray that 2011 continues to be full of experiences.
Here's to everyone who has made such a great impact in the most eventful year of my life yet I daresay, and that I'm truly grateful for being able to share the ups and downs it brought along.
From receipt of my IB results to university applications to anticipating London life to embarking my internship with SPRING to scholarship applications (STB!) to R's enlistment to rejecting UCL to my temp job at PSD to committing myself to church Bible study group to accepting NUS/SPRING to meeting wonderful individuals who have brightened up my school life and in some cases even bringing me closer to God to joining Arts Rag 2010 to being elected up for PRU MC/Bash VPD to my 1st semester exam results to cherishing my loved ones and family more than ever.
It's been such a humbling and growing experience, really.
And I'm truly thankful for Him, indeed when 1 door closes, a few more opens because with Him, there's never a dead end.
2010 has taught me how to work hard and having faith in Him even when it seems like all is lost.
Temptation is always lurking around in that corner, and resistance may not be that escape.
It has also taught me how intangible friendships can be - old friendships always remain gold and can never be replaced. (And how hard it is to sometimes keep up with your once closest friends)
2010 saw me witnessing many beautiful memories, some ugly some sweet.
Relationships in the making, relationships in the breaking.
Love, life, questioning of place and time.

If I had to relive 2010 over all again, I don't think I would have done anything differently.

Friday, 24 December 2010

On the little desk in the corner of my room,

It's a Christmas eve morning and I'm scratching out Christmas trees on painted foil paper - what's most unfortunate is that the time-consuming nature of my cards means that it's not going to be ready for Christmas  
So please don't cobble me if you see pre-printed Christmas cards this year, I don't deserve a lump of coal in my stocking but maybe an A for effort! (how thick skinned of me)
I miss having the time to do up cards like last year's ♥
Haven't been spending much time at home these past few weeks (practically the entire holiday) and gallivanting outside - hopefully Christmas will change this for some homely retreat.
(Albeit the parties and gatherings)

Anyway, have been working on NUSSU Bash which promises to be extremely exciting since preparations are going on intense. (which also explains why I'm missing out SLC, flop at Zouk, Waiting for Macs breakfast @ 4am, PRU camp, networking, going to Sentosa 3 weeks in a row and doing stupid plays/filming)
All pictures on Facebook!

Filming @ St James
The scenes were pretty humourous (and a lot of fun to film), look out for videos on Facebook soon 
Highlight of the camp has gotta be the finale night where Seb walked down the isle all dressed up, click here for the video 
Okay so we had to do a skit using a script written by a random group - which was quite absurd.
Tian Hon and I got arrowed for main characters and suffered the consequences hahaha.
Turned out to be quite fun in the end nonetheless, thanks to the sporting team mates!

PRU Camp
Monopoly deal early in the morning without brushing teeth, heart attack reinvented and a lot of screaming/torn cards, watching movies to 5am in the morning (When in Rome was awesome) and spending the entire day at the beach. (Not to mention Andy's palmistry session)

Casino themed night
 Wait till you see the aftermath of our newly invented game above.
 Ming Yi and I are awesome at foozball.
 Emo band covers fail.
Sunny day @ Kent Ridge (before it started to drizzle)
 Aftermath of the MRT game
Mode of transport
Dance practices for mobs going on - I never thought I would be addicted to SNSD's Oh, gosh!
(Video for dance moves has been on replay)
Filming @ St. James last night was...interesting, even though I felt that we belonged more to a masquerade party themed ball than the club.
Hope the videos turns out well (embarrassing), look out for them on Facebook soon 

Too much drama for the past few weeks to fill this space, which I don't deem appropriate to disclose here.
"Sheesh he's so annoying! I feel like punching him for you haha" I quote my dear friend.

Plans for both Christmas eve and New Year's eve are set (kinda) and spent with my lovely ones, really can't wait!
I think we're hitting the beach next Friday again, maybe I'll bring along the underwater camera and we can take some shots, sounds good yes? 
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