Friday, 12 April 2013

The start,

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The beginning is always bittersweet, like saying good bye to 365 days of summer every year and the familiar orange city lights in the night skyline during take off. Yes, even though it's only 6 months. And it's hard to write a start because you just want to plunge into the middle bit, or so they say the real deal. Like in a dream, you're always thrown in the midst of nowhere before you grapple on to reality. But this is different because there were so many hiccups and arrangements that I had to overcome to get here, and of course I can't express my gratitude for how my family and some of my close friends could find time to send me off with a brilliant DIY apron they made me wear at the departure gate  ♥ 

But as soon as my transit plane from Dubai begins to touch down onto Heathrow, the bright foreign skies look heartwarming enough to make my heart skip a beat - surreal much.

New chapter,

Hello old friends, I've been on a long virtual hiatus and to that I give my sincere apologies! London has been treating me lovely under her warm (or not so warm, it's been a long winter) embrace, and it's been so amazing meeting people from all walks of life ♥ 

Spend the start of the week trying to catch up for the looming exams at Senate library (libraries here are gorgeous) and pigging out at Burger and Lobster, ...while the next two days saw me paralyzed in bed battling a cold; but I definitely got better and took a walk around Camden market for some munchies and headed down to Sigmund freud's house - where I saw the renowned reclining couch where he conducted therapies for his patient. Simply amazing for any Psychology student! Came back to finally change my halogen room lights so I'm no longer living in half darkness. Headed out again where Yuechin brought me to have, possibly the best, salmon donburi I've had in London and had good ole long chats before bringing her home and coming back to Lina asking me if I had any eggs. Obviously stared at her in awe because it sounded ambigious (hahaha) but it turns out that she and Ana used all the eggs in the fridge for a giant omelette - I love my housemates.

Ah, such is life.

I'll try to recapture my journey slowly, and hopefully catch up with my daily routine ♥ Ciao!
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