Saturday, 25 August 2012

Saturday mornings,

I had a new student today, she came in with sweet plaided hair and an oversized blue bag that seemed to weigh down on her shoulders. Elle est petit they would say in French, she was tiny but boy was her enthusiasm immense! It reminds me on how we all used to be, and how things around started to get smaller as we grew up that now everything fits into our head. Or perhaps everything seemed larger because there were so many things rioting for our attention. Paradoxically, the more we see of the world, the more vast we perceive it to be - which is pretty overwhelming because we still have so much more experiences to soak in. I'm also getting to know the other students better, it's like a Saturday morning routine without its mundane predictability (trust me it's anything but predictable) Even though I'm really the teacher, sometimes I learn so much more from these kids. And it doesn't even require a verbal connection.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Just to let you all get a glimpse on what I've been working on (and off haha) and may be rolling out, amen to no procrastination. Just a humble venture, yet significant to call my very own. It's still in the early preliminary stages of conceptualization, the nook and corners of tech-savvy wonders aren't the easiest of all to grasp but I'm definitely learning step by step, fumbling around at times. (SOS to my techie friends teehee) And of course also finding time to draw out designs and going behind the camera lens, as seen above because I really take delight in hand drawn images - it gives that homely personal feel that a clinical typeface can never offer. Please lend some love and support if I manage to roll this out ♥ 

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Snippets of life II,

Summer has been really kind to me thus far and I'm really thankful, in fact it's probably one of the best college summers I've had in a long while ♥ Filled with so much love, family and friends!  I really felt like I had a terribly refreshing break, a sojourn in laid back fashion (or you could say a respite before school starts) In the midst of which, I've also completed a 10 week internship stint, and met amazingly talented individuals whom I've enjoyed talking to and learning so much from - definitely keeping in touch with all of them :) So here's a photograph log of the later part of my summer, mostly taken from my mobile phone camera. Enjoy, ciao!

Sugar free chocolate from San Fran
Wardrobe spring cleaning

Cupcakes from Mu parlour @ Holland village

Hair salon magazines
In a heartbeat ♥ 

QTpii spotted on my bed

Ippudo ramen @ Mandarin gallery

Showing Lydia how I can have a kawaii pose too ^^

New Lucky claypot rice @ Holland drive, not bad but long wait!

En route to MBS skypark observation deck
ACE investor forum: great eye opener from startups!

Late after-dinner sweet treats, especially good after tennis

Workday lunch break with the PRU gang!

Hibiscus tea for brunch @ Wild Honey

Me doing what I do best

So much respect for this abstract ring designer
NYDC mudpies are awesome, 'nuff said

Mini adventure with Amanda during lunch hours!

Happy fourteenth to my pretty sister :)


Din Tai Fung @ MBS

Dinner @ Ban Heng pavilion restaurant with the family

     Gorgeous purple rose earphones

Persimmons in a cup for tea break!
While waiting for mumsie @ the fitting rooms

Hello why does my owner do this to me
Table tennis matches @ work

Like owner like dog

Half done Jelly hearts for the party

Salmon teppanyaki
Polaroid camera rental from the sweetest owner
Failed armswag hahaha  

Prepared with so much love ♥♥♥

Warm and snug in the bathrobe
Floating around on a lazy Saturday

Post dinner chat over a pot of chamomile tea

Shopping with my birthday vouchers ^^
DIY nails!

Revolving restaurant @ Prima tower for Dad's birthday

Passing my 21st midnight mark @ Shuffle

Prata at Mustafa (because swee choon was closed)

Yiangmeng thinks digestive biscuits have emotions
Biggest poodle I have ever seen

All clad in black in town

Spotted @ Typo

Kite flying and picnic with amazing ex-colleagues!

Lovin' the cosy ambience @ Wild Honey
Pretty pink carnations ♥

En route to marina barrage

Can't wait to design the inner paper lining!
Overrated chendol @ ABC market

Before decorations for my 21st party

Matric fair balloons, hope you guys liked it!
Geisha tea @ The Courtyard Fullerton hotel

Starbucks birthday cake

Pink nails!

Almond caramel cheesecake tart for Shiany's 21st ♥
Sean's saddistic yet stress relieving iPad game

Wild honey catch up with my BFF, thank you :)

At the usual hairdresser's

Working hard or hardly working?
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