Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Mess of words,

I'm honestly supposed to be preparing for my rehearsal tomorrow but all I can think of is a mess of words: this is not good.
These few days have been tough, with the bittersweet goodbyes at the end of the week in office.
I have scrolls of wisdom lying on my desks, with matt silver envelopes shimmering under the orange light and of course, names printed nicely in bold black ink - farewell letters all ready to be sent out in full force. (Okay I admit I'm still missing a few but still working on them)

Past few has been good: Asian Fashion Summit with Blueprint Fashion shows featuring A.W.O.L (A walk of life) and Raoul.
More about those when I get pictures!
E50 awards launch ceremony was insightful, it's always fresh to have different perspectives, especially from those whom we are indirectly or directly benefiting.
As with the past five years, OCBC bank is the main sponsor for the sixth consecutive year.
It's quite an interesting event, what a pity I don't get to follow up with it all the way up the forth quarter.

After which, I decided to walk down to catch a cab back to office where I met with an encounter with a long green snake.
Dazed, I accidentally stepped on it with my (already) screwed up ankle and feeling threatened, it slithered towards me. (To my gasp horror)
I ran so fast, my ankle hurts even more.
This happened outside Shangri-la apartments, within walking distance from Shangri-la hotel where the latter event was held. (Read: Danish pastries and fruit for breakfast!)
I am traumatized, yes.

Goodbye as I spew out more problems and thereabouts of bureaucracy.

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