Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Women spend an average 31 years of their life dieting,

It's Tuesday of week #2 and I'm watching Desperate Housewives whilst indulging in a late breakfast. (What's new)
Classic creepy mother-in-law trying to murder her daughter-in-law scene, yikes.

A bird just came perching on my living room window pane out of the blue, just completes the whole beautiful morning :}

Intend to trim my hair and catch up on reading today, and settle details for starting work next week.
Possibly renting a few DVDs and grabbing some groceries (Read: Baking materials) and spend some quiet time catching up on reading as well.
Need to get a knitted cardigan for work soon because my current grey knit has a hole which I doubt my sewing skills can salvage :(
In the mean time, my off-white cashmere shawl shall take it's place, I love how soft it is.

Picked up a black dress from Vivocity yesterday, perfect for a first-day outfit.
Attempt for room revamp isn't progressing much, on seeing that my shelving isn't done.
Found a way to store my jewellery better: and the vintage wooden case is such a hidden find!

Shall scuttle off to make myself an Apple and Orange smoothie, personal time is indeed empowering.

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