Friday, 18 October 2013

Peek in,

Fashion outfit set cropped top

Just a glimpse into my life - school has officially started two months ago which means beckoning deadlines and presentations. Oh the joy! But honours classes have been quite a delight, mostly because of having electives that are more geared towards our specific interests and we delve into them in greater detail. I've also started art school at Lasalle, and met a bunch of people from all walks of life but bonded in the spirit of art, opera and random banter. Looking forward to Monday and Tuesday nights in the studio belting out oldies and classics! They're truly an amazing bunch, and coming from different parts of the world, it's really humbling to be absorbed in conversations with them -  be it on traveling, how to eat a cheese platter right, current affairs or female empowerment. Can't wait for abstract art classes to start! And for all the scuttling around from school to school, nothing speaks of comfort more than jeans folded up in this tropical heat, worn-out moccasins, the perfect crop top to balance it all out and an embellished headband from to chase away Monday blues.

In other news, R has left for London a month back. Being in a long-distance relationship is not a bed of roses, nonetheless we're starting to warm up to the perks of having an LDR. The personal time to pursue interests individually, snap chats that pop up unexpectedly, hand written letters and sharing about our days spent in places thousand of miles apart. And not to mention the sacred countdown till the reunion :') Of course, there's just that charm about face-to-face interactions and personal touch that pixels on my computer screen cannot possibly replace. Even in this new age of technology. But with each and every goodnight and sharing of possible insecurities about the future, any faint specks of loneliness fades away with the dead of the night. So for those who share the same woes as me, seize this opportunity to enjoy personal time and take heart ♥

Moccasins, Primark; Crop top, H&M; Embellished headband, Diva; Jeans, New Future

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