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An interview with a makeup artist,

"To me, the essence of truly modern makeup is the freedom to be yourself, to express who you are" 
-Francois nars

While it seems effortless to veil yourself behind a mask of powder, it is more that meets the eye that lines the magic of expressions created by a makeup artist. Behind each calculated flash of colour to the cheeks and spirited facial contour, makeup has since been elevated to an art form from prehistoric times. Apart from posing as an avenue for individual freedom of expression, it posits itself as an intimate affair between the artist and a dynamic canvas; much like the endearing relationship between an artist and his/her fine art canvas. But of course, it takes great talent to build these invisible threads of intimacy and trust, akin to the wooden frames holding the stretched out canvas together.

I've always found it intriguing on how makeup artists catch on trends and inspirations....and finally adopting these into consideration in creating the final masterpiece that is uniquely theirs. Especially working with canvases of different shapes and sizes (and sometimes also giving you unnecessary feedback), you need to be flexible and adaptive. Ong Xiner, co-founder of Lushlooks, lets us into some insight about how she first started dabbling with makeup products and some makeup tips she swears by. Providing makeup and hairstyling services for bridal, ROM, dinners and other events, Lushlooks was started by 2 Singaporean professional makeup artists who believed in a similar philosophy that every woman deserves to look and feel beautiful. Passionate about beauty and makeup (and also self-declared hopeless romantics), they yearn to reach out to women and help them look their best during special life moments. How inspiring a story to not share, even with their testimonials ranging from happy brides to pageant kings and queens, they are extremely humble and friendly to talk to ♥

As the author of, Xiner also writes about daily inspiring looks, tips (my personal favourite being how to wash makeup brushes properly here), makeup blunders, makeup step-by-step tutorials, product reviews and her lifestyle. Her impressive portfolio also spots a wide array creative makeup ideas, which are perfect for the holiday season around the corner! If only I knew about her during my secondary school prom where I was very unfortunately adorned with cat eyes against my will.

What/who inspired you to become a makeup artist?
"For a start I fell in love with hairstyling after watching a Taiwan Variety Show 女人我最大 when I was 16. Subsequently, I ventured into makeup and love it so much I did my own makeup for Prom after sec 4. But what really drew me to become a makeup artist will be none other than the many many makeup/beauty gurus on youtube. They are all so inspirational and one of my favourite makeup artist is Lisa Eldrige. She made me view makeup so differently and ever since I found her work I got drawn into makeup on a deeper level."

How do you get your inspirations for different makeup styles? 
"I love watching youtube to check out what other makeup artists are doing. I also buy magazines like Elle and Vivi to keep up with the latest makeup trends both from the West and the East. Most of the time when I did makeup for my clients it’s more like a “feel”. I guess it’s kind of like drawing, you get inspired by your model and the environment when you start your art piece. To me, makeup is an art."
What are some your favorite makeup brands? 
"High-end makeup: Makeup Forever, Dior, Urban Decay, Benefit
High street makeup: Rimmel, Maybelline, K-Palette, Revlon" 

For the everyday woman, what is one beauty/makeup tip that you swear by? 
"For me, I will never leave the house without filling in my brows because my brows are quite sparse and without it I age like 5 years! So, it’s a must for me. But for the average woman with an okay complexion and brows, eyeliner on the waterline and lashline can definitely give her a boost to give the illusion of thicker lashes and also look more awake."
What do you think is the common makeup mistake that women make?
"I would say it’s leaving a gap in between the eyeliner and the lashline. I simply can’t stand a white line in between them. It just looks awkward to me."
What is the hottest makeup trend of this season? 
 "There are so many I don’t even know where to start!
1. Wine-stained lips
2. Darker eye makeup which can be smokey (I personally love purple)
3. Red lips will definitely not go out of trend"

What is one cosmetic that you cannot leave the house without? 
"EYELINER because I have really oily lids so they tend to smudge or just disappear as time goes by."
Any advice for aspiring makeup artists out there? 
"I am not that experienced to give super good advice but in this crazy materialistic and pragmatic Singapore, I would say you have to know how to stick to what you love to do and not be succumbed to social pressures."
Do hope on down to Lushlooks' Facebook page here and show some support by spreading the word for this lovely makeup artist! Or like it with a simple click of a button below for local talent :) For enquiries or quotes, you may also contact Xiner at / +6596349764 directly or click here to get transported to their website.

Truly, makeup is indeed an art form complemented by the spirit of inner beauty ♥ It was such a joy to speak to Xiner from Lushlooks and finding more about her passion for makeup and not being afraid to try out new trends and styles and sticking true to what you love in the art (maybe even inspire me to add a pop of colours when dressing up next time). If you're looking to be featured, do email me at as I'm always keen to talk to more inspiring talents :) Ciao, thanks for reading!  

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