Saturday, 8 November 2014

Jamie's italian: Covent garden, London

Jamie's italian Covent garden

Walked around Covent Garden when my family came over for a visit in London and we settled for a cosy lunch at Jamie's Italian. The bright colours and open dining concept caught our eye - and also because while we were spoilt for choices in lunch options, many were really expensive restaurants.

The portions were large, we ordered 3 mains and a side to share so we could leave room for some to-go snacks later in the day. The Pumpkin soup was served in a petite porcelain cup, with toasted bread on the side. The consistency was rather thick because of the pumpkin fibre, hence it was good for sharing with my sister. However, it tasted flavourful and was naturally sweet so we thought that it was a good complement to the savoury mains we had ordered.

Jamie's italian Covent garden pumpkin soup

The Free-range chicken primavera was one of the more popular dishes in the restaurants and my dad's favourite. It comes with a blend of peas on top, and baked free-range chicken sitting on top of creamy baby potatoes and asparagus.

Jamie's italian Covent garden

The Fish'n Chips dish was huge, but there wasn't anything particularly fancy about this dish considering we were in the UK with tons of good Fish'n Chips options around. What we liked about it, however, was the butter and chives spread that came along with the dish. While it complemented the fish really well, it got pretty heavy going after a while.

Jamie's italian Covent garden

Jamie's italian Covent garden


Jamie's Italian
11 Upper St Martin's Ln, London WC2H 9FB
United Kingdom

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