Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Apple π of my eye,

Sudden creative urge to break free from the clinical feel of my Mac one evening, with some pretty leftover flower prints + white tape, who said decals had to be unaffordable?

Still nursing my cold after spending the past few days fused to the bed, flu medicine from the doctor working it's charm and I'm extremely grateful for that! And thanks for all the get-well-soon wishes, so much love ♥ Despite that, I'm currently still grappling to unbury myself from the mountain of backlog I've accumulated in the past few weeks I daresay (Look at the mess on my desk). Nonetheless I assure you that I'm okay and shall scuttle off to my tissue pile and pill box, both of which have been loyal companions for the past 48 hours. Along with hot green tea, of course.

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