Saturday, 14 January 2012

DIY organizer,

Breathe out the past. Brand new slate for the New Year (even though it has already been two weeks in), time for rejuvenation I reckon. And so, I dedicated small pockets of the last moments of 2011 to create my DIY makeshift organizer. All you need are a pair of steady hands, fine tip pens and some scrap paper to build one from scratch. The magic of Art is really all about transforming with what you have to work with right? (Work still in progress as evident in the pictures)

I believe 2012's going to a beautiful year, with the advent of so many prospects -  Close friends' 21st, heartwarming weddings and hopefully making it to United Kingdom in 2013. So many special dates to fill up in the calendar ♥ 

Arabic print paper from Holland Village (old shopping mall): $3 per roll
Brown scrap paper: Taken from a photo album Christmas gift
Memories forged in the upcoming year: Priceless

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