Thursday, 5 January 2012

Taiwan captured on film (Part I),

Selected some film pictures out of the four rolls developed to share, quite pleased because they turn out sharper than my Melbourne film pictures here.  I'm also sharing the locations of where they were taken (recalling by memory). I've tons of digital family shots too, but I'll post them after these analogue moments ♥

Travelled from the outskirts of Taiwan to the inner cities, which is quite a mean feat for 8 days in the country. We had to switch hotels every day so had to make sure we didn't unpack too much! The weather was crisp and especially icy along the coastal areas (missing the breeze nonetheless), but I'm missing the good street snacks and friendly people there. The countryside was was blissfully therapeutic, with the breathtaking scenery @ Taroko gorge and quaint laidback culture of the small towns painting the perfect picture of a retiree's dream - which is quite hard to achieve with the hustle and bustle of Singapore city. I'll let the pictures speak to you.

"The Light of the Buddha" mountain 佛光山 (Kaohsiung) 

Fisherman's wharf and Lover's bridge (Tamshui)

National revolutionary Martyr's shrine, 忠烈祠 (Taipei)

Five cent driftwood restaurant (Yingge)

Taroko gorge national park (East coast of Taiwan)           


Taipei city

Film: Kodak max GC (ISO 400)
Camera: Canon SLR EOS 650 (2nd hand)

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