Thursday, 8 November 2012

My Thursdays,

Good evening to my future self reading this, twelve hours of a day went by in the blink of an eye - for the lack of a better expression I apologize. The workload this semester is killing me by the day, oh the woes of Continual Assessment modules, they remind me of IB. That aside, I have eaten a waffle for lunch, endured bullets at my lab final presentation, given a presentation on child sexual abuse, gotten contacts from the lovely Dutch girls from my trauma Psychology class to hopefully pop by Netherlands in Spring next year, and trudged on a long journey back home during peak hour traffic. And not to mention having received images of the countryside donkeys from my beau on his road trip vacation. Et moi, J'ai mal à la tête. I have a throbbing headache, which refuses to go away. I think I have been conditioned to receive cognitive lab induced pains that it automates itself every Thursday! 21 days down to my freedom, no time for disillusions because reality aka the looming examinations, is sinking in fast....pretty much like me in quicksand. At times I really just want to give in to procrastination and my 1001 (but serious) dreams waiting, stop and think through all these paper chasing. But just like how I always mix up pouvoir and vouloir in French class,  want and can aren't really in the ideals of situation right now. Au revoir, à bientôt!

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