Friday, 2 August 2013

The British museum,

British museum courtyard

Culture without the decadent price tag. I'm not much of a museum person (thank you for the eyebrow raises, sorry to all you cultural buffs out there), but the collections here arrested my interest for at least half a day each time I walk through. Sporting impressive collections, it may be slightly daunting upon your entrance, and you can easily spend a couple of hours wandering about. When I visited the Acropolis musuem in Athens, some missing Greek pieces were said to be housed here. Also, what got me particularly excited was the Ancient Egyptian exhibition which was really popular for the real mummies they had on display (what a dream); but you might also want to pop by the smaller rooms for other marvels. The museum itself is divided into different collections from various parts of the world (e.g. Southeast Asian, Egyptian) and it allows you to get multi-layer understanding of diverse cultures. It took me quite a few visits to satisfy the wonders of the museum, and I still have yet to fully explore it in its entirety! Each visit brings about new insights :) The open space in the museum courtyard is also a highlight, with free reigning sky light shining in ♥  

British museum

British museum oriental

British museum mummy eygpt

British museum mummy eygpt

British museum mummy eygpt

British museum ceramics

British museum sculpture

British museum sculpture

british museum clock

Located in the heart of Bloomsbury at Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, it's definitely a gem not to be missed. Entrance to the museum is free, except for the occasional exhibition (which varies from time to time).


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