Tuesday, 28 October 2014

A Beautiful Mess,

Red dot museum

Organic mess VS Curated order - which side would you choose?

I love this frozen snapshot of the security guard post at Red Dot museum (where the colleagues and I went down for a site recce for an event). It's a great juxaposition between the raw organic mess in the foreground and the curated orderly pattern of British styled red letterboxes in the background. Does it speak volumes about our daily lives at large? Do we gravitate towards order? Sometimes, we try so hard to reach out in the distance to curate the future, and yet in the process we neglect the present organic affairs, little thoughts that matter. Or, do we consciously try to curate our thoughts and hold back the unconscious stream of thoughts that truly speaks for who we are.

It definitely reminds me of the art class where Ernest was telling me to be more organic in sketching out some rocks. "Be more organic! That looks so planned, be more human!"

Shying away from order doesn't seem so bad after all, yes? The world needs more beautiful messes.

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