Sunday, 5 October 2014

Learning it the hard way,

It's been a bad/good long weekend, I can't really decide.

Friday marked the end of a 2-week long project and celebratory drinks for an unwinding.

Saturday was Y's wedding, she's such a beautiful gorgeous bride ♥ The long distance relationship with R made me slightly weepy inside (and I'm such a sucker for sappy love songs) but we know that the distance will be worth the wait :') It was also good to meet the colleagues in an informal setting! Saturday night hang out with the good ole gang over good food and drinks - sinful hawker feast at Chompchomp and drinks at Ponggol waterfront! So glad to be able to catch up with them amidst our crazy schedules, and finally finding time to meet up just like old times :)

So the horror begins on Sunday (or a week ago when I got bitten by sand flies during a picnic in Botanic gardens). I've been battling the sandfly bites close to a week, and had gotten steroid cream from a pharmacist. Unfortunately, that didn't really work very well and during the worst days, I even woke up to the itch of the bites - which cumulated in red swells on my legs. After the wedding yesterday, I decided to visit the doctor for anti-histamines and anti-inflammatory pills and a mandatory injection. And viola, I'm allergic to the remedy of my allergy! Come Sunday morning, my face was dry and flushed with red bumps on my cheeks. Mortified, I stayed home the entire day (while spamming water and honey) and also stopped the anti-inflammatory pills after finding out that there was steroid in them. Did some research and indeed, this was one of the side effects. Fortunately, I'm a lot better now and am so glad!!

Moral of the story: do some research before introducing anything foreign to your body, or learn it the hard way.

I daresay it's been a good weekend though, Saturday at least ♥.  Really hope it gets better by tomorrow, and hope that all you folks are having a great long weekend! Ciao!

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