Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Foot for the soul,

Song of the moment: Sweet disposition - Temper trap

High boots clearly don't appear tops in tropical states for obvious reasons, which is such a dear pity because some of the classic ones are so gorgeous when adorned. I admit I'm guilty of wearing slippers for classes on quite a regular basis, pretty soulless but it feels like a second skin especially with this summer weather. Soooo lately I've been into shoes, wedges platforms embroidered you name it I got it, but I'll still rely on my usuals for that first line of comfort (or perhaps time for a trusty pair of flats). I got this pair of  ankle boots a month ago, it's a shade of brown I'm sitting on the fence about - between Camel and Chamoisee...not very practical for school but adds a quick fix to any outfit. College work has been swamping me, and I have been juggling my module loads, SOS because it's my busiest semester ever yet. Or perhaps it's the act of all these summer heat transpiring to this stress - don't think anyone's gonna like being in my shoes now for sure.

P.S. Plans for next year are all falling in place, and thanks for the amazing feedback I had for my previous DIY Ombré shorts post, so grateful thank you so much!  ♥

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