Friday, 26 October 2012

Old school night,

Went along with a British schoolgirl influenced outfit for an old school themed NUSSU appreciation, which was a fresh change from last year's formal dinner (post here) Xiner and I decided to dress up, and justified ourselves shopping therapy the week before ♥ Bagged ourselves pretty plaited school skirts and high socks! 

She came over to my place before the dinner as she wasn't feeling too well, but took a quick rest and we ended talking and preparing/dressing up early for the event. And she also helped to curl my ends in for that retro look, which I really loved - she looks like my personal hair stylist below hehe. Borrowed my mum's Calvin Klein knit sweater and carried my usual handbag (because I can toss my random necessities in) to complete the look, unfortunately I left my faux pearl necklace in the kitchen before dashing out.

Since we had so much time at hand, we took a gazillion shots: (Check out her Japanese school girl inspired outfit, I think she pulled it off really well!)


Love how the rest were really sporting and dressed with the theme too, check out the suspender bowtie gang! We were also given exercise notebooks and badges as door gifts to fit the theme, some pictures below are courtesy of Xiner's camera.

It was fun when everyone dressed up, but the best dressed of all was....

...who even carried an old school Nokia phone and strawberry chocolate condoms.

Headed down thereafter to Dempsey to chill until Ben and Jerry's closed and we had 2am talks at the wooden benches outside - good times. Ciao mon amis!

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