Monday, 10 February 2014

Dimension sensation,

Walking from world to world,
Dimensions we whimsically stir.
My mind's bouncing off the ceiling, how art thou feeling.
Trespassing mirrors - tongues out, images in,
Holding back - saying no to foul or sin.
You say let's go and we wander,
Uncountless numbers 1, 2, what's next,
It's hyperactivity getting its fix.
Shooting up and down, spiraling a cold war,
Morphing into window sides, morphing into the lonely floor.

Stay with me.
Marshmallow bottle tips, airy fairy thoughts,
Can you feel my heart, it's untying its knots.
Back into bed and tucked under the cloth,
Eyelids getting heavy as glitter fades off.
The sun comes up to swallow up darkness, but there I am still in the sheets -
Basking in the half-dazed victory of these organic defeats.

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