Thursday, 6 February 2014

What is love?

What is love?

Love is walking on the side of the pavement next to the road so she won't get knocked over.
Love is sacrificing his gloves to warm your numb hands so you won't have to eat your ham sandwich freezing down to your bones.
Love is sharing a bowl of cereal but keeping half above the milk because he likes it crispy and you like yours dunked.
Love is calling out for her to make sure she's safe even when she walked away in an argument far away from home.
Love is calling you beautiful early morning even in your bed-tossed hair and messy PJs sans makeup.
Love is walking barefooted with you in a crowded mall when you shed your soles.
Love is in the form of pixelated kisses.
Love is opening yourself up and trusting your vulnerability and secrets to someone.
Love is propping you up and pulling back your hair to make sure you're okay when you throw up.
Love is driving close to 700km in a day without an ounce of complain to a wrongly mapped destination.
Love is putting down your pride and humbly saying sorry for being unreasonable.
Love is unconditionally loving the other in times when he/she can barely love herself.
Love is sharing a single duvet in the cold winter.
Love is leaving little notes in the most unpredictable places as surprises.
Love is sharing of hopeful dreams to realize together in the future.
Love is praying together in joy and sadness.
Love is tirelessly waking up at 5am everyday during army to have that rare 5 minutes of phone contact.
Love is accepting each other's flaws for all of life's cruelty you have faced, through and through.
Love is respecting decisions made, whether good or bad, and helping you tide through them.
Love is sharing the same faith and thanking God for everything even when everything seems bleak and hopeless.
Love is what anchors you back to consciousness when you're floating into unspeakable dimensions and can't trust what you feel or see.
Love is being to many places around the around but knowing that you wouldn't trade your place next to that special one for anything in the whole wide world.

Love is not giving up through the distance.

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