Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bali visuals,

Visual diary

Took a weekend escapade down to Bali in January 2014 during term time with my closest friends from all my 4 years in college, and it was a good trip ♥ Just a 2.5 hour flight on Airasia, we were transported into an entirely different island and greeted with a beautiful myriad of colours in the sky whilst we were still on board - I remember inching from my seat against the window to catch a fuller view.

We didn't really do much in Bali, except to relax, eat, drink and make merry in the enjoyment of each other's company (and also mishaps/dimensionally good times on the second evening), unwinding before the bouts of stressful deadlines come crashing on us. Bali is perfect for the easy-going traveller, with beaches peppered over the island, spas, massage services and even a happening nightlife at Kuta. But of course, for the adventurous, there's always water sports like parasailing and jetskiing available, or volcano trekking around active volcanoes of Mount Agung and Mount Batur. We were taking it slow this trip so while the boys surfed at Legian beach, the rest of us girls were lazing on beach chairs whilst enjoying the sea breeze. There were mobile massage, manicure and braiding services available - a shoulder massage cost us about 180baht for 3 people (so about 60baht = SGD2 per person) and while it was a pretty decent price, they didn't compromise on the pressure. Braiding cost about 25baht for 3 strands, but none of us did it.

Here are some visuals from my iPhone:

I think Jimbaran bay was one of the highlights of the trip, it's a peaceful beach which houses a stretch of restaurants and about a 45 minute car ride from Kuta. Like typical tze char (Chinese stir fry ala carte), you order dishes and can even opt to choose seafood cooked in different ways, the food wasn't fantastic (even though it was by far the best tasting roasted nut I have ever tasted) but the ambience was pretty mesmerizing - with the red table cloths blowing with the wind and wooden chairs on the beach screaming romance. Our table also had an unobstructed view of the sunset....of which was later ruined by my realization that the tiny specks along the beach weren't pebbles but rubbish strewn all over the sand. It was a lovely dinner nonetheless, and they had travelling bands wandering about asking for dedications. The meal was about 450baht per person, slightly extravagant but it was quite a feast and even included starter soups and fruit. The 3 group picture credits all goes to Xiner's wonderful camera.

The last day was spent wandering about the streets and pampering ourselves with massages, food and drinks. Already missing such carefree times, and definitely going to remember all the unspoken cherished memories for life - looking forward to our next trip together and they're all definitely a constant in my life in this safe box *winks for private joke* ♥



xiner ong said...

Are u sure the roasted peanut is so good by itself or with the aid of er-herm... hahaha

njahmat said...

Hello! Sorry for the random comment. Got the link to this blog from another post you wrote on Bali, in which you talked about the curse. I'm planning a trip there in Sept with my bf, and frankly I'm a little freaked out about the "Bali Curse". But I only found out about it recently, after all the arrangements have been made. Hope you don't mind sharing whether your friends (the ones who went as couples) were OK after that??? Hope you can help, thanks :)

Yanting Chan said...

Hi Njahmat! Thanks for popping by :) Well, to be honest, I know of many couples who went to Bali a long way back and they eventually got married. Plus, the couple that went with us are still together haha. We were initially concerned about the "bali curse" but I think we knew that we were just being extremely superstitious about it, and openly talked about it. We did some research though, and some say it's okay to go in a group while others say its only if you visit the island arch which is the best spot for the sunset. In the end, it's up to your discretion to take it with a pinch of salt. If you Google, the negative reviews tend to turn up and confirm your suspicions about the myth but sometimes its the negative reviews that get the most attention because of its opinions. And together with the natural attrition of dating couples falling out....I'm pretty sure the statistics balance out.

Bali's a really fun and (relatively cheap if you find the right places) so just enjoy yourselves and don't worry so much :)

Disclaimer: Just my personal opinion, it's up to your discretion at the end of the day so don't let me sway you :)

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