Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Regents park in summer,

Located North West of Central London, Regent's park is practically just a stone's throw away from my backdoor ♥ I've previously visited the park during winter so click here if you want some winter scenery, but come summer the park blossoms into an array of colours enveloped in a beautiful golden tinge. The abundance of summer sunshine gives it such an extreme makeover, I didn't know seasonal transitions could be so gorgeous!

Regent's Park is one of the Royal Parks of London and spans across the the London Borough of Camden and the City of Westminster - within which houses the London Zoo and Regent's University London. In the vicinity lies Primrose Hill, great place for a view of the city and stroll about in its tranquility; and you can definitely spot out the unique dome-shaped London Central Mosque in the skyline. In winter, activities are limited because of the buildup of snow (but of course snow fights are still permitted! And I saw a group playing football in the bitter cold) but come summer and the park comes alive with activities from tennis to ultimate frisbee, to lively children playgrounds and boating in the main lake - the latter of which I dearly miss being able to do. Or you could pop by the Garden cafe for a slow morning brunch.

I've walked around the park umpteen times but one of the little joys I never fail to engage in is duck watching. There's just that magical feeling of just gazing at them enjoying the peaceful surroundings and feeling so much in their element without bothering about us passerbys. Snapped these quick pictures with Ana when we walking through Regent's to get to Baker street - and it was just a lot of fun being silly cawing at them....and observing their puzzled responses. They are extremely graceful in the waters and are such a joy to watch!

What I love about Regent's that sets it apart from the other Royal parks is that it is a 166 hectares open parkland with different sections that you can never tire of wandering about. It consists of 2 circles, and the inner circle surrounds the charming Queen Mary's Gardens, an Open air theatre, the Italian gardens and English gardens. There are many quiet spots around the park to just laze and soak in the summer sun, or just to bum around with a good book and some quiet time - things I truly miss doing with such great weather! It is way too hot to do these outdoors in Singapore, and especially so with the hazy situation we are currently facing.

The nearest tube station would be either Regent's Park, Baker street or the Great Portland street, as they serve respective entrances to the park. This would definitely be somewhere I would visit again should I return back to London in the future, hopefully this coming December :) Ciao!

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