Friday, 29 June 2012

Phuket part I,

I'm finally getting down to posting about my virgin trip to Phuket, finally got to experience the ravings of my friends of this sunny little island! I didn't bring my camera because my Dad took it for his Korea trip, so these pictures are from my friends' cameras (thanks Xiner Tianhon and Hasan!) I thought that it was a pretty good trip (with good company hehe so grateful for all of them) and we packed whatever we could into three days ♥

 It was also my first weekend after I started work, so it came as a timely escape to soak in the summer joy (Unfortunately I had to lug along my laptop to do work on the plane as I had an important presentation on Monday) The morning of our flight, I scrambled to do last minute packing and waited promptly for Hasan to pick me up in the a cab for the airport. We ended up reaching earlier than YM and TH who took the bus from their place; but in the complete haze of things, I messed up my packing and had to get bottles from Watsons to store my toiletries. And found out that I left my sunnies on board the cab. Alas, so much for living on the edge!

Thank goodness for the amazing turnaround of matters once we boarded the plane - holiday charm working it's wonders I reckon. I did a bit of work, slept for a while, took pictures and we squabbled over which Ben and Jerry's flavour to savour. We took Jetstar Asia, which wasn't too shabby even though it's a budget airline and the flight was pretty short. The guys were really kind to offer me the window seat on both flights ^^ Here's us being happy campers on our seats:

They say I look like a squirrel here, but I like the softness of my red highlights in this picture against the backlight - which I can't quite capture in many shots.

And after a short bus ride, we finally arrived at Deevana Patong Resort and Spa! We bought it from Groupon and it amounted to 55 bucks per pax for 2 nights, which was an extremely good deal. The surroundings were really pleasant, and they had an airy breakfast pavillion and 2 swimming pools; and of course equipped with many other amenities such as a gym, boutique spa and a cosy lobby with free wifi access.


After checking in, we washed up, and made ourselves comfortable in our respective rooms before meeting up again to discuss our day plans and coming up with a kitty (aka communal fund) to pool cash for meals and activities.

Being in a touristy mode and taking pictures on the streets of Phuket near the Patong Beach and the famous Tuk tuk. All of us also bought holiday Rayban sunnies hahaha

We were extremely hungry (no breakfast on board) so we settled quickly for a European Dutch Thai restaurant near the beach area. Didn't really fancy the Phad Thai there, it was disappointingly moist and seem to be drenched in tomato sauce; but YM's ginger chicken and our fruit shakes were awesome! Each dish cost about THB120 while the fruit shakes cost THB80.

Day one was pampering thyself day so Xiner and I did foot massages plus a full manicure and pedicure set for THB500 per person (the colours they had weren't very mainstream though), while the guys went for a full body massage for THB300 and fish spa for THB100. Ours was really therapeutic, both of us fell asleep after a short while...

Walked around and headed back to the resort to change out for a hearty seafood dinner and making our way down for the Aphrodite Cabaret show (ladyboy show) where YM had an amazing time onstage! I thought that some of cabaret stage sets they had were pretty interesting, and quite entertaining I must say - one of Thailand's landmark attractions to catch. (They don't allow videography for obvious reasons) After the show, they stood by the side walk and a picture opportunity cost THB100.....We didn't really wanted to take a picture, but they insisted to give us a free shot and grabbed our hands at inappropriate places so here goes:

After which, we headed back to the resort for bum around - it was indeed a long night. Till the next part, ciao!

Deevana Patong Resort & Spa
43/2 Raj-U-Thid 200 Pee Road.,
Patong Beach, Kathu, Phuket 83150 Thailand

Aphrodite Cabaret Show Phuket 
They hold 3 shows a day: 06.00 pm., 07.30 pm. and 09.00 pm.
For more information, click here

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